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18 августа 2020 г. 13:52

5 Tips to Unleash the True Power of Your WI-FI Router

Nowadays, we are all trapped inside our home because of the pandemic, and most of us are working from home and depend upon the Wi-Fi. But what if your Wi-Fi is not working properly or if the internet speed is very low? It can be very frustrating, especially if your work requires a stable and strong internet connection. So, to help you out, we are sharing with you five tips to unleash the true power of your Wi-Fi router.


Here are the five tips that you can use to unleash the true power of your Wi-Fi router.

Update the Firmware of Your WI-FI Router

The first thing that you can do to unleash the true power of your Wi-Fi router is to update its firmware. Router manufacturers develop new firmware to address security and performance issues of their routers. Therefore, you must keep the firmware of your router updated if you don't want to face any performance issues and unleash its true power. To download the new firmware for your router, go to its manufacturer's site and download it. Next, log in to your router and install the latest firmware in it. 

However, many routers allow its users to install software and firmware updates directly from its administration interface. So, if you have a newly launched router, then chances are that you can update its firmware from its administration page / interface directly.

Find a Right Place for Your Router

The next thing that you can do to unleash the true power of your Wi-Fi router is to find the right place to keep it. Why? Because it can have a tremendous impact on the strength and signal of your Wi-Fi router. So, make sure you place it in open space or in the center of your home and not in your cabinet or near your window if you want to get the most out of your Wi-Fi router and unleash its true power. Besides this, make sure you don't place your router near other electrical devices because they can interfere with the normal working of your Wi-Fi router. 

Optimize the Configuration Settings of Your Router

Ensure that you have optimized the configuration settings of your router if you want to unleash its true power and speed. For example, most dual-band routers are configured to use 2.4 GHz frequency, but if you change it to 5 GHz, then it will not only increase your Wi-Fi signal strength but will also increase your internet speed. To configure your router, simply login to its administration page and change its frequency and other settings accordingly. You can also call your ISP provider for configuring your router.

Identify and Remove Intruders

Sometimes it might not be the fault of your Wi-Fi router or any other electronic appliance if you have slow internet speed. For example, if you don't have a super-strong password, then someone might have hacked your Wi-Fi and might be consuming all your data, or it might be the fault of your neighbor with whom you have shared your password. To identify if this is the case, simply login to your router and see the numbers of devices connected and the amount of data that they have consumed.

Once you identify any intruder who is stealing your data without your permission, kick them out by changing your Wi-Fi password or by applying the Mac filter setting on your router.

Control Your Apps 

Almost all the modern routers come with tools (quality of service tools) that allow you to control the amount of bandwidth and data that apps can consume. Using these tools, you can easily control the bandwidth that your apps can use so that you can manage your monthly data limit more efficiently. Additionally, these tools can also be used to set priorities.

For example, you can prioritize your Zoom video calling app over the YouTube app or any other app to ensure that you don't face any problem while doing a video call. To do this, simply login to the administration page / interface of your router and navigate to advanced settings to prioritize your apps and set bandwidth limits.


There can be many reasons behind slow internet speed, but by following the tips that we discussed above, you can quickly eliminate these problems and unleash the true power of your Wi-Fi router. So do use these tips if you want to unleash the true power of your Wi-Fi router.

I'm Emma Justin. I'm a web developer living in USA. I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and web development. I'm also interested in education and writing. You can visit my company website with a click on the button above.Also read my Blog,  Findthelist

Source:  5 Tips to Unleash the True Power of Your WI-FI Router

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