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17 августа 2020 г. 12:36

Best Ad-Blockers for Chrome

Advertisement is a source of income for Chrome and other web browsers, and it’s quite impossible to stop ads entirely using tools in Chrome settings. Fortunately, we have some ad blockers that can protect you from ads, this article doesn’t contain all the ad blockers but some of the best ad blocker tools that will help you to browse ad-free. So let’s get started.


AdBlock stops commercials from popping up while watching YouTube videos and blocks pop-up banner ads too while reading an article online. It doesn’t ask for personal information and never keeps the information about your online activity or browser history.

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate doesn't have a whitelist, so it blocks every kind of ad. With this app, you don't have to worry about any pop-ups or ads. It also prevents your device from malicious downloads. It is really an excellent choice to block viruses and ads.


Ghostery gives you an ad-free browsing experience by blocking pop-up and banner ads; it prevents video ads from automatically starting and also stops site analytic programs. It also has a feature to stop social media ad trackers and website cookies.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin allows you to choose the list of ads you want to block, including video ads as well as banner ads. It also stops some trackers and malware and gives you a very smooth ad-free browsing experience.

Adblock plus

Adblock Plus blocks the ads, malicious downloads, and trackers but allows legitimate ads so that the websites can earn a little bit of revenue.

Fair AdBlocker by STANDS

Fair AdBlocker is really an amazing ad blocker and quite popular and highly rated among users. It blocks the ads shown in email accounts, pop-up ads, expanding ads, and overlay. It also stops ads being played automatically and has some advanced filters that you can use to block ads on Google search results and Facebook.


These are some of the best ad blockers that you can install to browse ad-free.

The best ad blockers do not ask for permission as they don't require it much and never save your cookies and browsing history too. So we would strongly recommend that you should go for AdBlock as it doesn't track your browser history and online movement and blocks all the pop-up as well as video ads. Ghostery is another best option that you can go for. Thank you for reading the article.

Hey there, I'm Oliviya. I'm a web developer living in USA. I am a fan of photography, technology, and design. I'm also interested in arts and web development. You can read my Blog like, TheBlogUK 

Source:  Best Ad-Blockers for Chrome

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