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26.10.2020 22:19

Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC expansion has finally arrived. In the game, three Galarian Legendary birds will now appear in the wild. The Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are now part of the Crown Tundra DLC expansion. In the latest DLC expansion, players have a whole new storyline and challenges to play. It is offering plenty of new features, locations, and Pokemon to catch.

To catch the Legendary Birds trio, players have to play the beginning quest, “A Legendary Tree Of A Legendary Three.” It will appear after a short cutscene where a huge pink tree will appear, and then a fight of bird trio will appear. During the fight, they’ll see their trainers, and then they scatter. These three Pokemon, whose shiny forms have been revealed recently, can be tracked and caught in the same process as Pokemon Gold and Silver.

The biggest attraction of the Crown Tundra DLC is that it has almost every Legendary Pokemon. Players


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26.10.2020 16:22

The newly launched Verdansk map of Call of Duty: Warzone is a huge and tricky map where players can easily lose their path. This map is packed with huge buildings that players can use for their advantage. Because of the huge and multi-floored buildings, players face slight problems finding the Gulag of the 1vs1 arena. Entering the multi-floored buildings is not an easy task. Exploring the whole Verdansk map is also not possible for every player. Players can find plenty of tunnels and passageways in almost every building. However, to find the location of Gulag, players should take a different main route.

To enter the tunnels or passageways, you have to land on the Prison or near it. The area of Prison is complex for almost every player. The prison area is situated at the edge of the map, and usually, it is filled with gas. Players who are looking to enter the prison complex, they need to make proper


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26.10.2020 16:03

The ultimate game Ghost of Tsushima is packed with various weapons, armors, and moves. The game earned a fantastic response just after the launch, and most of the fans got too attached to the Assassin Class. Developers added the multiplayer mode after the game was fully launched. There is plenty of playstyle in the game that players can use in the multiplayer mode.

The assassin class is the most unique and typical type of playstyle. The great thing about Assassin Class is that it deals with ultimate damage even on the bigger enemies. Samurai Class is a special class that players prefer to play among several classes, but it can’t compete with Assassin Class in terms of damage. So here are the best techniques and load-outs that you can use in Assassin Class.



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26.10.2020 15:43

For Fortnite players, finding and collecting Floating Rings is not something new. Epic Games launches weekly challenges every week, but collecting Floating Rings challenges doesn’t arrive with every weekly challenge. Now it’s Season 4 Week 9, where players have the task to collect Floating Rings. Floating Rings’ location never stays the same, so now players have to hunt down every Floating Ring and add them to the collection. Currently, Floating Rings are at Steamy Stacks, and there are a total of five of them.

To hunt every single Floating Ring, firstly, players have to make their way to Steamy Stacks. It is located at the northeast corner of the map. After arriving there, players have to locate every Floating Ring. So here is the detail of every location where you can find Floating Rings.

Floating Rings Locations at Steamy Stacks


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26.10.2020 15:22

The latest laptop promises a battery life of 11 hours and has multiple ports. The lightweight laptop is just 0.61-inches thick.

The Japanese electronics company known for making extremely lightweight laptops has taken the extreme with Fujitsu LifeBook UH-X/E3. Fujitsu has recently introduced the LifeBook UH-X/E3, a light and thin notebook. It is powered by the Core processor of the 11th generation by the Intel Tiger Lake hardware and Intel Xe graphics. The 13.3-inch ultraportable notebook has a full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The case’s dimensions are 307x197x15.5mm, and the device is weighing only 638g. Its 11th generation processor has four computing cores with a 4.7 GHz clock frequency. The device has a volume of LPDDR4X-4266 8GB RAM with SSD storage of 1 TB PCIe for storing data.

The laptop has Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 wireless adapters, an Ethernet controller providing a wired


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23.10.2020 20:56

Halloween is near, and all the spooky movie lovers are looking for some good collection of horror films. No doubt, Netflix has a massive list of excellent horror contents, but Hulu has some unique and fresh titles too in its list.

Hulu has a reputation for good TV shows, and now it is also improving its movie collection. Horror film fans can find a wide range from cult favorites to bona fide classics. If you are also one of them, then this article is for you. We have listed down the best horror movies on Hulu.

Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods is a horror-comedy movie. Goddard and Joss Whedon co-wrote the movie Whedon produced it.

The movie’s plot is set in a laboratory where the engineers Hadley and Sitterson discuss a mysterious


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23.10.2020 20:37

An iPad is a great and versatile device to have, as you can use it to get creative with your ideas, work on meetings, projects, and whatnot. An artist can unleash their creativity on the iPad screen and share it with the world without getting into any lengthy procedure. You can also get instant feedback. If you are a painter, digital illustrator, or trying to be one, use the iPad with Apple’s pen and bring your imagination to life. But you would also need a good app on the iPad to create and save anything you want.

To help you have an excellent and smooth artistic experience, we have listed some of the best creative or drawing apps below:

ibis Paint X

The ibis Paint X app is a versatile drawing app that offers some highly functional and professional


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23.10.2020 20:22

Do you own an Android TV? Want to install any apps and games on your smart TV but don’t know how to do so? Nowadays, Google’s Android televisions are in demand. These smart televisions have now changed the TV viewing experience for all of us, thanks to the technology that has made our lives much more exciting and comfortable with these gadgets. Google launched Android televisions in the year 2014. And now, they have become one of the widely used gadgets all over the world. One can easily and quickly cast photos, videos, music, and other content on their smart TV in the same way they do it on their smartphone. There are a lot of apps and games that you can install on an Android TV. And this way, you can make the best use of your smart TV.

We all install and use many apps and games on our smartphones. Here, the process is simple and straightforward. But how can you install any apps on your Android TV? Do you want to know the way to do


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23.10.2020 20:04

Whether you like listening to music or talk to your friends for extended hours, noise cancellation truly matters. Even when you try talking to your colleagues or clients on call, having disruptions and background noise can make you lose your focus from the tasks, leading you to feel unproductive. It would be best if you never invest in earphones with microphones that pick up every external sound. If you want a better listening experience, invest in a good-quality earbud that features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It helps find and block the ambient noise before it reaches your ears.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro are very popular for their noise cancellation feature. Its outward-facing microphone picks up external sounds and counters them with anti-noise to remove background noise. The inward-facing microphone focuses inside your ears for disturbing sound and eliminates it with anti-noise.


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22.10.2020 16:31

Technology is a huge part of our everyday life and is growing with each passing day. From waking up hearing the alarm clock in the morning to turning off the lights of your smart home at night, we’re surrounded by the technology we might not have thought of a few years back.

One essential everyday job consists of writing down notes to keep yourself updated about the things you want to shop from your grocery market, undone office tasks, the money you spend to maintain the budget, and much more. It is very annoying when you take down these important details on a piece of paper and lose it later.

After going through such kinds of annoying activities each day, it’s finally time to relax and feel free to take notes. Have you ever thought about taking notes digitally? Bringing your imagination to the real world, the SyncPen consists of an in-built motion tracking sensor that’ll turn everything


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