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Clue App and its Tracking Functionalities: Everything We Know So Far

The Clue app is a period tracker that can help you understand your monthly cycle. The Clue app effectively predicts your next period, PMS, and ovulation, as well as assisting you in identifying patterns in your symptoms, moods, vitality, and other factors. The Clue app allows you to create calendar reminders so you’ll never be confused by your period again, and it keeps track of your period dates and menstrual cycle history in one location, which is handy for visits to the doctor. The Clue is unlike other period apps in that it is science-based, ad-free, and helps you learn about your body through fact-checked, reliable health content.

Clue App Features

In the Clue App, you’ll get a period, ovulation, and fertility trackers. Also, you’ll see the Predictions for your next three cycles in terms of periods. The Clue app keeps track of your menstrual symptoms, PMS, flow, moods, and other factors. Reminders for approaching periods, ovulation, and PMS on a calendar Forecasts for impending cramps, discomfort, and headaches, as well as other recurring symptoms Menstruation, ovulation, and fertile days, are all listed on this calendar. An examination of your period lengths over time to spot trends and inconsistencies Insights and practical health advice to help you understand your symptoms Through each trimester, a pregnancy tracker with guided health content is available.

How Much Does Clue App cost?

The Clue app is free to download, but some functions are locked behind a paywall. For most people, Clue’s free edition will suffice for the basic period and cycle tracks. If you want access to endless information, a membership may be worthwhile. Read the additional information on what’s included in a Clue Plus subscription; see the section below under Clue Plus. One-week free trial + $39.99 for an annual subscription. $9.99 for one month.

Creating a Clue Profile and Browsing the App

You can log in using your email, Apple, Google, or Facebook account after you've created your Clue account. This is convenient; let's admit it, we all have a lot of passwords to remember. After you've logged in, the app's first thing you'll notice is that it is clean compared to the other competitor apps. There are no flowery or comical embellishments here; instead, you'll find a basic, beautiful style that is easy to explore. Each tab in the Clue app has its own purpose and landing page.

What About the Reminders and The Tracking Mode?

Tracking Mode

Switch between Clue Period Tracking and Clue Pregnancy for the tracking mode that best suits your needs. Pregnancy tracking categories and weekly content replace period-related resources and cycle track in Clue Pregnancy mode. Users will see a brand-new home screen dedicated to tracking their progress. This feature even records the new baby's growth after they are born.


The Clue app allows you to set reminders for various actions linked to your cycle. Notifications for forthcoming periods, missing periods, and ovulation, as well as PMS, are among them. The clue app also Reminds you to take birth control, track basal body temperature (BBT).

Final Words

The Clue app is a reliable app to simplify your period tracking and menstrual health. The Clue App is a trustworthy period tracker, birth control reminder, period calendar, pregnancy, and ovulation app. You can surely try this app.

Source: -  https://ojohn3399.blogspot.com/2021/12/clue-app-and-its-tracking.html

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