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2 декабря 2021 г. 15:15, г. New York Mills, США Смотреть на карте

Mediatek: Qualcomm Company has Heating Issues, Not Us

Mediatek has announced to come back with a strong processor, Dimensity 9000, in 2022. It is being expected that this processor will be a rival to Qualcomm’s best flagship chipsets.

Dimensity 9000 features like TSMC 4nm process, CPU layout, and impressive capabilities can steal a larger market share than Qualcomm and Samsung. Mediatek said, “only one company has heating issues, and it’s not us.” From this post, it is evident that MediaTek is fingering out at Qualcomm. This announcement was made after the Snapdragon 888 series processor suffered overheating/throttling earlier this year.

From the above comment made by the Mediatek representative, it is evident that Mediatek is trying to indirectly reflect the heating issues in Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 series. Further, Qualcomm is the leading chipset manufacturer and the main rival of Mediatek. According to one of the Mediatek representatives, the major chipset manufacturers will be using 4nm designs in 2022 to improve power efficiency.

The Mediatek representative pointed out that Snapdragon 888 (built on Samsung 5nm process) has heating issues. Still, there will be no case with its flagship Dimensity 9000 based on the 4nm process in 2022. Kevin Keating, Mediatek's global PR director, added that the competitor likes to blame us for heating issues, but we have not had heating issues.

Moreover, Mediatek's global PR director expects to offer more than Qualcomm also wants to compare the phones powered by Dimensity 9000 and next-gen Snapdragon SoCs.

The Mediatek representative reveals the Mediatek global chip shortage in the previous years, and phones get delayed or released, restricting a few markets due to the chip shortage. But now, the company is quite confident of balancing its power management areas.

You should note that Dimensity 9000 doesn't support mmWave; however, Finbarr Moynihan said that the users can see the first mmWave toting Dimensity chips in tiers below the Dimensity 9000.

Further, the company has notified by posting a slide at its executive summit held this week that people can buy Mediatek powered mmWave phones above the $ 300 segment next year.

Mediatek wants to work on Windows on Arm computers along with the premium flagship smartphone segment. The users can also expect Mediatek powered Windows computers soon, although expecting Mediatek powered Windows in 2022 might be disappointing news.

Mediatek wants to work on Windows as they are teaming up with Microsoft for the same. But according to the representative, it may be a lengthy process, and you can't expect it next year. 

According to the company, there might be some potential hurdles to overcome before releasing Windows on arm space. But Mediatek is fully ready to offer tough competition to its rivals. We can see lots of upgrades and exclusive premium features in Mediatek powered devices. Let's see how it go-ahead to complete its goals hoping for positive outcomes. 

Source: -   https://martinmia610.hpage.com/mediatek-qualcomm-company-has-heating-issues-not-us.html


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