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How to Defeat Gigantamax Machamp in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The month of March is going to be super excited for the fans of  Pokémon Sword and Shield  as Gigantamax Machamp has been introduced to  Max Raid Battles . Before getting straight to the strategy to knock down  Gigantamax Machamp , let us first know about the ability of Gigantamax.

Game Freaks  has included various new aspects in the world of Sword and Shield; thus, Gigantamax and  Dynamax  are abilities that have also included to provide potency to the Pokemon. Dynamax is an ability that grants gamers with the power of attaining a supersize in a battle. Whereas Gigantamax also possesses the Pokémon with the same powers, but the only difference is that Gigantamax is the ability that resides in very few Pokémon's. Whereas Dynamax is the ability that resides in every Pokémon of the  Galar region .

Game Freaks have included Gigantamax abilities in only popular Pokémon such as  GengarMachampMewtwo , and  Pikachu . The only possible way of catching Gigantamax Pokémon is through trading or Max Raid Battle. Below we have manifested about  Max raid Battle  of Gigantamax Machamp alongside the specific strategy to beat this potent Pokémon in hefty avatar.

About Gigantamax Pokemon

The Gigantamax Machamp can be captured on the Sword version, whereas the Gigantamax Gengar is available in the Shield version. The players who are interested in catching both of them should contain both the version or play with a friend. The Gigantamax version of Machamp is now included in the  Max raid Battle  of  March  alongside  Gigantamax  Snorlax  has also added to subsequent raid.

 The Max Raid Battles of Machamp and Snorlax are available between  9th March  to  25th March 2020 . So, it is suggested to combat with both of this potent Pokémon before 25th March, and due to enormous hype regarding the difficulty of accomplishing Machamp Max Raid battle, we have provided below specific guide to complete it simply.

How to Defeat Gigantamax Machamp in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The players need to visit  Mystery Gift  to open it. Then, they need to tap on the option of getting  Wild Area News  to manifest Gigantamax Machamp in the arena. The players need to choose the Pokémon that tends to be the best from their lineup. As the battles always require the full dedication of the Pokémon, so it is recommended to choose your best Pokémon's for the battle. 

Alongside this, there's a tricky way of beating Machamp by  Pokémon Raid exploit . The exploit permits gamers to utilize the  Wishing Pieces  within dens; however, various gamers feel that it is not an authentic way.

If you feel that it is ok to go through this way, then straightly select from auto-save option and toggle the speed to slow. Whenever the beam flashes, gamers require to tap on the Switch Home option. In case the beam is not purple, then the players require rebooting the game. If it is purple, then tapping over it to check if it is Machamp or not. Invite others, if it is not Machamp and get back to Switch Settings and alter the Date of the system to the very next day. Keep repeating the whole process until the gamers finally encountered Machamp.


The article here is to provide you information about Gigantamax Pokémon of the Pokémon Sword and Shield. In the subsequent article, we have mentioned specific steps to defeat Gigantamax Machamp. We hope that you will accomplish your purpose through our article and if you find any mistake in the article, then we are extremely sorry about it.

Players can play Pokémon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

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Source :- https://clickmcafee.com/blog/how-to-defeat-gigantamax-machamp-in-pokemon-sword-and-shield/

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