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How to Share Apple Music Playlist on iPhone and iPad

Taste of music for everyone is different, but if someone who shares the same music taste as you, then it’s good to share songs with each other. That is why who prefer to listen to music a lot, they always make a Playlist to add new or old favorite songs. If your Playlist has a vast collection of songs, then you can share it as well. Most of the music streaming platforms allow users to make a Playlist of songs and share with other users as well. Making a playlist is not an easy task because it takes lots of time and patience to choose every single song you might listen to in the future.

Apple Music is a popular music streaming platform where numerous songs are available. It’s tough to remember every song, so whenever you like any song, just add it to your Playlist. In Apple Music, you can create your Playlist and also share it with others. Sharing playlist from Apple Music takes nothing, and every Apple Music user can hear your Playlist if you are ready to share.

Apple Music is available in every Apple device and most of the people hear it on iPad and iPhone. A playlist made on Apple Music is shareable on both iPad and iPhone devices. You can manually share it with friends and family or keep it public for everyone could find it though searches in Apple Music. To share your Playlist with your family, friends, co-workers, or people around the world here is what you should follow:

How to Share Playlist of Apple Music with Others

If you are using Apple Music then you must have paid for the service. It allows you to download the music and make a Playlist as well. You can make multiple Playlist on your device depending on your preferred music. If your friends love your Playlist, then you don’t have to share it manually. You just need to make your Playlist public, and then your friends or anyone else can save your Playlist on their device. To share the Playlist with friends and your followers, here are the steps.

  1. Open your “Apple Music” application from your home screen.
  2. Tap on the “Library” option below and then click on the “Playlists” section.
  3. If you have multiple Playlist or single Playlist, you will see there. Choose and “tap” on the Playlist you want to share.
  4. Your Playlist will be open and above the shuffle icon tap on the “triple dots” for further options.
  5. More options from below will pop-up where you will find the “Share” option.
  6. Your device will present some options via. “Airdrop” and other “iOS apps” that you use frequently.
  7. Furthermore is you want your followers to see your Playlist, then you need to tap on the “Edit” icon on the above of your Playlist.
  8. You will see “Show on My Profile and in Search” just tap and toggle on the feature and then tap on “Done” so your followers will be able to see your Playlist as well.

The feature is quite easy, but most of the users who use Apple Music don’t know about this great feature that allows the users to share their Playlist. To use the Apple Music and hear your Playlist, others need to activate the plan of Apple Music. If anyone has not followed you on Apple Music, then they will only be able to hear 30 seconds of preview music from your Playlist.

Creating a Playlist is a great thing, and also its is an essential thing that every user needs to make. With Playlist, you always connected to your all-time favorite songs. Having a great playlist is part of the skill, and if you are good at this, then others might follow and admire you too.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

Source :- https://hanorton.com/how-to-share-apple-music-playlist-on-iphone-and-ipad/

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