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2 марта 2020 г. 10:25, г. Bliss, США Смотреть на карте

Grand Theft Auto Online: Guide For Getting Avi Schwartzman

In order to unlock the Avi Schwartzman, players will need to collect 50 signal Jammers and grab new characters with ease. If you are searching on how to collect them, then you have come to an ideal place. This guide will help potential users to locate every fifty jammers within the Grand Theft Auto 5 online game.  

  1. Found at the upper side of the Union Grain Supply Inc
  2. Found near the upper side of the broadcast tower within Sandy Shores
  3. Found near Downtown Vinewood's Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.
  4. Found within the Del Perro's Clock Tower structure.
  5. Found at the yellow crane within West Vinewood
  6. Found near the upper part of Rockford Hills City Hall
  7. Found near the upper side of the North Rockford Drive on Elgin House structure.
  8. Found above the stage of the Vinewood Bowl
  9. Found at the Hookah Palace sign within Pillbox Hill
  10. Found above West Eclipse Boulevard main entrance of the Richman Hotel.
  11. Found at the upper side of the Badger Building's antenna within Hawick
  12. Found near the NOOSE Headquarters
  13. Found near the Bishop's Chicken at Tataviam Truckstop
  14. Found at the Palmer's Wind Turbine and Tayler Power Station near Senora Way
  15. Found near the west side of the Land of Act Dam.
  16. Found near Tayler Power Station and the wallet chimney of Palmer on Senora Way
  17. Found at the concrete sculpture within the Galileo Observatory
  18. Found to the north of the Kortz Center on upper part of the Low Rotunda Building
  19. Found near the Stoner Cement Works building within Grand Senora Desert
  20. Found at an antenna north of the Vinewood Sign
  21. Found at the Great Ocean Highway near a small bridge within Chumash
  22. Found near the upper side of the primary structure of Marlowe Vineyards within Tongva Hilla
  23. Found at the Northside part's the Hill Valley Church.
  24. Found at the upper part of a sizeable white side at Humane Labs and Research
  25. Found at the broadcast tower next to the Rebel Radio Building
  26. Found near the summit of Mount Gordo on a broadcast tower
  27. Found at a fake rocket at Up-n-Atom Burger.
  28. Found near the upper side of the main building to the Clucking Bell Farms within Paleto Bay
  29. Found at the upper side of the LSDWP water tower within Grapeseed
  30. Found at a chimney within the El Gordo Lighthouse Settlement
  31. Found near the You Tool store on the Senora Freeway above the company logo
  32. Found near the upper side of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and radio station above the Altruist Camp.
  33. Found near the Hookies Restaurant within Blaine County
  34. Found at the Raton Canyon Bridge over the Cassidy River
  35. Found within Fort Zancudo's upper part of the control tower.
  36. Found next to an antenna on the north side of Bolingbroke Penitentiary
  37. Found at the upper side of the control tower at the Los Santos Airport
  38. Found near the upper side of the main entrance of the Maze Bank Arena on the Northeast Side.
  39. Found near the upper side of the Miriam Turner Overpass on the Northeast Side
  40. Found near the deposit within Murrieta Oil Field within East Los Santos.
  41. Found at a billboard on Popular Street above the words “Ban Windmills.”
  42. Found near the Ocean Motion container ship within the northern terminal.
  43. Found at an antenna at the upper side of the Arcadius Business Center within Pillbox Hill
  44. Found near the center of the Ferris Whale at Pleasure Pier
  45. Found near the Vespucci Helipad within Puerto Del Sol
  46. Found near Strawberry between the words of Central Los Santos Medical Center “Central” and “Los.”
  47. Found near the upper side of the Los Santos State Gas Company Silo within Cypress Flats
  48. Found near the St. Fierce Hospital within El Burro Heights
  49. Found near the Alamo Sea next to an unnamed pier.
  50. Found near the peak of Mount Chiliad on the tramway station
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