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12 февраля 2020 г. 09:21, г. Arco, США Смотреть на карте

Destiny 2: Guide to Empyrean Foundation Event

“Destiny 2” is free to play online game produced by “Bungie”, and the company puts various interesting features such as sci-fi fiction and various actions and adventures. It's a first shooter game that was released specially for Xbox and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles.

The story of this game sets in the multi-playing shared environment having actions, loots, and combats. An RPG game and the actions are distributed between PVP and PVE. It includes both raids and strikes to achieve the goal. Now the game is available for various major platforms like Stadia, PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

About the Game

The game is set in various planets introducing the elements of the ninth data season. It is the sequel of “Season of Dawn” as it is based on “Obelisks”: a late gaming progression set up that is dispersed all over the solar system of “Destiny 2.” The Season of Dawn rotates around the scenes of time- traveling and Mercury. Players have to help “Osiris” so that they can stop Red Legion from modification of the past.

The new event is going to launch soon, and it is expected to have introduced on fourth this February. The event is “Empyrean Foundation Event”, and it is said that “Obelisks” will appear in the game with a new purpose. Nobody knows what the event contains and the schedule of the event is rolling to on the calendar for nearly two months. However, the last purpose of “Obelisks” is not known yet, but the first will be based on the effort of a community. They will make an effort to make “Beacon” besides “Saint 14.”

How to Take Part in This Event

Gamers who want to take part in the event must have to go through the entire “Cornerstone” quests and then complete it properly to unlock the features of Obelisk Tower. The Obelisk Tower is the most important facet of this game, and it needs to get unlocked to proceed to the game. This is a golden opportunity for those gamers who are new in this season.

When you begin with the event, then you will be able to transform the resource of the season “Polarized Fractaline” for getting access to various resources of Obelisk Tower. These actions will automatically enhance your community tower, which will track through the symbol located ob Obelisk.

Based on the quickness of finishing the “Corridors of Time Quest,” the players will be able to get their goals as soon as possible. The feature for unlocking is not revealed yet but there will be a total of seven stages at all for the gamers to complete.

Personal game rewards

The gamer's contribution to Obelisk tower will need a hundred Polarized Fractaline as the total count. It will enable the users to get a twenty-five percent bonus for all the bounties and loots of Time lost Weapons for the inventory. One who donates about five thousand Polarized Fractaline by the ending of this occasion, it will enable him to get an Emblem and Triumph in exchange.

Gamers will get the equal Polarized Fractaline as Resonance Power weekly throughout this grand event. This task will support the player to achieve their missions as soon as possible. In this way, the “Tower Obelisk” will create this Fractaline of Polarization.

Gamers need to update and improve the quality of various other Obelisks that are dispersed all over the universe. It will help these gamers to empower and enhance the capabilities of their Obelisk's Resonance. They have to keep a vigil eye to improve and upgrade them throughout the game.

The interesting thing is the community's extracted data advised that the particular Beacon that is recreating and rebuilding the game became the Lighthouse-related to “Trails of Osiris.” The “Bungie” is planning to take the same features of Osiris in its upcoming season “ Season of Worthy. ”

Source :- https://elinajohn.wordpress.com/2020/02/12/destiny-2-guide-to-empyrean-foundation-event/


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