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16 декабря 2021 г. 13:28, г. New York Mills, США Смотреть на карте

How to Use Google Maps’ New Community Feed?



Find local expert recommendations on restaurants, stores, and activities with the help of the new community feed feature.


Google has created numerous ways to help people to find what they want. And to add to the list of creating mediums to ease the difficult task of people, Google has added a new community feed feature in Android and iOS. Given the circumstances this year, it is more significant to get disconnected from society with the help of community discovery. As the new feature of community feed has been introduced, it is expected that the Maps will help people find information about the changes happening in the local areas.


The services of Google Maps have been helping to provide information on finding stores, restaurants, activities, traveling, and route planning as well. Some of the information on Google Maps are uploaded by its community, which is approximately 20 million offerings on a daily routine. Google is constantly updating the features to provide various ways for uploading the information on Google Maps, given the amount of services is contributed by the local community.


The new community feed also helps people to find recommendations related to the drink and food merchants and is designed according to the users' convenience. The users will get recommendations based on the activities they performed, such as if users have taken an interest in food or drink preferences in Google Maps, they will get more updates about some of the specific food pictures and business recommendations in the community feed.


 How to use community feed?


Now, let's focus on how to access the new community feed. Users have to open Explore tab, which is given within the Google Maps app. After reaching here, users can look for the community or an area, and Google Maps will suggest some of the local recommendations in the feed for users. The feed includes all of the recent updates like pictures, reviews, and posts uploaded by the local community experts. Google Map will pop up the suggestions of any Google Map users in the Update tab who have uploaded the pictures, reviews, or any kind of recommendations.


However, the pandemic has greatly affected the local business, as people are rarely visiting places to avoid the spread of the virus. Many of the businesses have to shut down due to the strict protocol of lockdown. Google Maps have always provided an easier way to find the best destinations to dine or travel to or whatever the user needs. And now, with the help of a new community feed, Google has created a way to help businesses connect with customers by merging business profiles. This way, local businesses will get to post about their latest services, new offers, or available timings to inform users. Users also have the option to like those posts and can follow businesses they like.


Google Maps were already useful, but the new community feed feature has created an interesting form of informing users about what is happening around them. The highlight of the new feature is to help the local businesses or guides, but it will prove beneficial for traveling as well, as people want authentication while utilizing certain services.


Source: -   https://ojohn3399.blogspot.com/2021/12/how-to-use-google-maps-new-community.html



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