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15 декабря 2021 г. 12:16, г. New York Mills, США Смотреть на карте

Apple Watch Apps Guide: Why and How to Remove Apple Watch Apps


Your Apple Watch screen might be getting crowded with unused Apple Watch Apps . If you are willing to remove rarely used apps from the watch, there are multiple ways to perform the task. In this article, we will discuss how you can remove Apple Watch Apps and why you should do it.

Apple Watch Apps

Apple has optimized its OS to perform better on its devices. If the Apple Watch Apps suddenly crashes, freezes, or stops responding, then you can perform some solutions to solve the error. However, you cannot remove the built-in apps from the Apple Watch Apps list. These apps include Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Weather, Maps, Setting, etc.

Remove Apple Watch Apps from Home Screen

You can directly remove the Apple Watch Apps from the Home Screen. Follow these steps to perform it:

     Tap the Digital Crown and access the Home Screen.

     Drag your finger around the screen and locate the app icon.

     After that, tap and hold the App icon lightly.

     The Home Screen will enter in the Editing mode.

     You will notice a small cross icon above some apps.

     Then, tap on the cross icon above the Apple Watch Apps to remove it.

     You will get a confirmation message on the screen.

     Tap the Delete App tab to delete or remove the app from the watch.

     After that, remove the application completely.

     Finally, press the Digital Crown to return to Normal Mode.


Remove Apple Watch Apps From iPhone

Some people might find it difficult to press the little tiny cross button on the Apple Watch screen. So, they can use their iPhone or other Apple devices to delete the Apple Watch apps . However, you will need to install the Watch app on your device. After that, you can use these steps to remove or delete the apps from Apple Watch:


     Ensure that the Watch screen is active.

     After that, tap the My Watch icon.

     It will open the list of Apple Watch Apps .

     Then, locate the app and tap the name.

     The Show app on the Apple Watch option will be turned on.

     After that, turn off the option.

     It removes the app from the Apple Watch Apps list.

     Finally, you will get a notification.

Remove the Apple Watch Apps from Apple Watch Dock

You can remove the unused Apple Watch Apps from App Switcher or Dock. Go through these basic steps:

     Press the Side button on your watch.

     Scroll down to the App you want to delete from the dock.

     Then, swipe left and tap the Cross icon.

     Finally, close the dock by pressing the side button or Digital Crown.

Force Close the Apple Watch Apps

You can force close installed apps from the Apple Watch Apps list by these simple steps:

     Make sure that the same app is open on your Apple Watch screen.

     After that, press and hold the Power Off button.

     Your smartphone will display the Shutdown interface.

     Press and hold the Digital Crown until the shutdown screen disappears.

     Finally, the app will be erased from the RAM.


This is how you can delete or remove the Apple Watch Apps . If you want to reinstall the app, use the Watch app on your Apple device. In other words, you cannot install the applications on your Apple Watch directly.


If you have any other method to remove or delete the app, comment below. You can also post your queries in the comment section. Read our other articles to get the tips and tricks related to gadgets.

Source: - https://ojohn3399.blogspot.com/2021/12/apple-watch-apps-guide-why-and-how-to.html


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