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You know Google account allows you to access Gmail, YouTube, social media platfo

You know Google account allows you to access Gmail, YouTube, social media platforms, and many more. Want to delete your Gmail account? Here is how you can delete your Gmail account permanently.   However, Google also deactivates your accounts after 180 days if you let your account go dormant. 


You should take some necessary actions before you delete your Gmail account permanently. Below are the losses you may experience:


     You may lose all Google services, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and more, along with data associated with these accounts.

     YouTube, Goggle Play Movies, Books, or Music subscription if you have.

     You will lose access to any contact linked to your Gmail.

     You will lose information saved with Chrome, including free and paid apps.

Steps you can take to avoid losses

You can save important data losses before you delete your Gmail accounts, such as emails, notes, and photos. One way to save important data is to download it individually. Here are the steps to download your data.


     Open Settings in your Gmail account or go to accounts.google.com

     Go to Data & recovery by clicking on the menu on the left.

     By scrolling down, you can download or delete your data.

     Here you select to download your data.



Further, you can individually select the information to download. You can download it via email or save it to cloud services like Drive, One Drive, Box, or Dropbox.


The entire process may take some time, depending on the size of the file. You may also have your Gmail account associated with a bank account and other websites. So, save the required information before you delete your Gmail account.


A few more things you can take care of before you delete your account.


You should consider Google's security checkup if your account is hacked. If you have used your account at work, school, or other groups, let your administrator delete it. Further, you should also learn how to delete a Google account on your phone.

How to delete your Gmail account from your computer permanently

Here are the steps you can follow to delete your Gmail account permanently.


     Open Data & Privacy further scroll down to More Options.

     You need to sign in before you head to delete your Google account.

       Further, as you tap on Delete Account permanently, you get two acknowledgments before you permanently delete your account.


You can also delete the Google services linked to your Gmail account.

Follow the steps below to delete Google services:


     Again, go to Data & Privacy and scroll down to download or delete your data.

     Tap on Delete a Google service.

     You will get all Google services linked to your account. Please tap on the trash shown in front of each service to delete it permanently.


Finally, you can also recover your deleted Google account with a short window option.

To recover it, go to the account recovery page and select I'm having other problems signing in.

 Source: -  https://ojohn3399.blogspot.com/2021/12/how-to-delete-gmail-account-permanently.html


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