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8 ноября 2021 г. 08:38, г. Нью-Йорк, США Смотреть на карте

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro and Rumors: Release Date and PS5 Pro Specifications


It is time to pay more attention to the more powerful model of the PlayStation 5. Sony launched the PS5 almost a year ago, which is hard to find online and offline markets. Some rumors claim that Sony is working on a new PlayStation 5 model with many enhanced upgrades. Sony might also push the internal upgrade to a PS6.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors- Resolution and Refresh Rate

PlayStation has tons of games that support 4K resolution. The next-generation PlayStation 5 Pro might deliver the actual 4K support. It could have the upcoming AMD silicon chipset to offer increased display resolution.

Sony can use the upgraded hardware to increase the frame rate by more than 120 FPS or 120 FPS.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors- Size

We might see a reduced size in the PS5 Pro. The PlayStation 5 is great for cooling because of the 120 mm fans. Sony has also figured out how to cool the PlayStation better with the Heatsink technology.

As a result, users might see a smaller device than the current size of the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors- Internal Storage

Sony might increase internal storage in the PS5 Pro. You can get 825 GB storage in a PlayStation 5 right now. However, you can also expand the storage by SSDs. But these SSDs are also pretty expensive. Users will have to pay $ 100 to $ 150 to get a working SSD for the PlayStation.


As a result, the total amount will be similar to a PC. Sony can increase the price of the PlayStation 5 Pro with an increased amount of storage.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors- Job Listing

The recent leak is about a job listing in Europe by Sony. The job listing is for an advanced technology group department to work for GPUs.


The job listing states that they are working on an advanced PlayStation 5, a PS5 Pro. Sony is on the pre-development cycle, and they might get it done by late next year.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors- Price

The PlayStation 5 Pro might cost around $ 600 to $ 700. It is expensive, but many people who want the best will be paying for the PlayStation 5 Pro. However, we do not know about any internal hardware changes. It is impossible to guess.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors- Release Date

Sony will release the PlayStation 5 Pro before 2023 because Sony launched the PS4 Pro model three years after the release date of the PS4 model. You will get the PlayStation 5 Pro model between 2023 and 2024.


PlayStation 5 is a mighty machine, and there are not enough games to push the PS5 to its limits. If a PlayStation 5 Pro model comes out, Sony will also improve many things in the PlayStation 5 Pro model. These are all the rumors about the PlayStation 5 Pro.


Source: -   https://no1newsandupdates.blogspot.com/2021/11/sony-playstation-5-pro-and-rumors.html



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