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28 октября 2021 г. 13:53, г. New York Mills, США Смотреть на карте

PS5 DualSense Controller: Cosmic Red and Midnight Blue

Since the launch of PS5, there was only a black & white DualSense controller option. After that, Sony had launched two new controllers in Cosmic red and midnight black color. You should purchase them right now. The PS5 DualSense Controller offers a more profound gaming experience.

It is an innovative PS5 controller. If you buy it directly from the PlayStation, then you might get additional offers and great deals. The PS5 DualSense Controller offers immersive haptic feedback. Here are the complete details about the PS5 controller.

Haptic Feedback

You will feel the physical response to your in-game actions. It is because of the dual actuators. However, the Dual actuators replace old traditional rumble motors. The dynamic vibrations will also simulate the feeling inside the game environment.

Adaptive Triggers

The new PS5 DualSense Controller will provide you with a better experience of force and tension. This experience always depends on the in-game gears and environments. You will feel physically connected to the on-screen actions. You will feel the following:

  • Hitting the breaks on a speeding car.
  • Pulling back a tight bowstring.


The new PS5 DualSense Controller has white, black, and red color options. You can also choose from the two different shades of black color. The color of your PS5 controller might cost you some additional amount of money. The red model is complete with matching color buttons.

Mic & Headset jack

The PS5 DualSense Controller comes with a built-in mic and headphone jack. You can also chat with your online friends with the help of the PS5 controller. The controller also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack to attach a headphone. However, it also has a dedicated mute button to protect your privacy.

Familiar features of DualShock controller

The PS5 DualSense Controller also contains some old DualShock features. These features are also slightly improved to provide you with a better gaming experience. These features are:

  1. Motion Sensor.
  2. Integrated Speaker.
  3. Built-in battery.

Games Library

Grab your team and play lots of games with the new PS5 DualSense Controller. You have several local multiplayer games, including sports, performance, actions, and shooting games. These games will provide you with a better experience with the DualSense technology.

Charging Station

The new PS5 DualSense Controller has a charging station. You can also dock two controllers at once, and it does not affect the charging cycle. You can free up USB ports while playing the games without sacrificing performance. Users will also get improved battery life in the PS5 controller.


  • Adaptive triggers.
  • Built-in mic
  • It improved haptic feedback.
  • It has a textured grip and triggers.


  • Symmetrical thumbstick layout.
  • The lightbar can drain the battery.


New PS5 DualSense Controller has DualSense technology, and it is far better than DualShock technology. The new controller is also an upgrade in almost every way. The latest PS5 controllers have DualSense technology.

Source  :-  https://no1newsandupdates.blogspot.com/2021/10/ps5-dualsense-controller-cosmic-red-and.html

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