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The 5 Best Mobile Website Builder Tools in 2021

If you want to make a responsive mobile website, there are some things you can only accomplish in a mobile site builder. The veteran developers use these tools to bring out the hidden caliber from their design process. Additionally, these mobile website builders provide hundreds of pre-made websites, themes, and customization. Today, we will be looking at the top 5 best mobile website builders tools in 2021.




Squarespace has gained a solid authority as the best mobile website builder with stunning templates. If you’ve ever been on the developer’s route, then you must have heard about Squarespace. It’s more likely your best option if you are interested in creating responsive mobile websites without writing a single piece of code.


In earlier days, Squarespace only offered regular websites, and the customization was also limited. But it has successfully expanded into a bigger, better, and more flexible designing platform. Additionally, Squarespace allows payment processing and shopping cart modules as well.


If the design is your forte, then you can find that the Squarespace system is highly visual and great for creating websites in a short time. If you’re worried about pricing, then you can rest assured that Squarespace has reasonable plans for hosting and domain.


Squarespace Pros


Squarespace can be used for managing multiple websites for your network or clients.

Squarespace Developer Program helps in creating custom websites within minutes.

It provides space for templates, integrations, and custom coding.

Squarespace provides visual space with pre-made templates that look modern, stunning and work with most niche websites.

All the basic features are included.

The templates look beautiful and work well when running on mobile devices.

With a free SSL certificate and no transaction fees, you can easily create an online store.

Squarespace Cons


Squarespace doesn’t have a separate section for the app store.

Squarespace has competitive pricing, and it might not be favorable for beginners in the website designing world.

There is a learning curve that requires time and precision. The backend builder is not as intuitive as others, especially compared to Wix and Shopify builders.



With all the marketing about beginner-focused interfaces, it’s no wonder that their marketing efforts are finally paying off. In a few years, Wix has become one of the most popular website builders online. But that doesn’t mean experienced developers should refrain from using the platform.


You should consider Wix even if you’re a veteran expert. It offers one of the best website builders on the market with quality templates as well. The main reason people prefer Wix over Squarespace is that the company always seems to improve the experience with new updates.


If you’re looking for a responsive website builder with great pricing, designs, integrations, and settings, then you should consider Wix. Wix has a wide range of tools and even an SEO wizard to rank your articles on Google for speed and professionalism.


Wix Pros


Wix starting plans are one of the most adorable and flexible in terms of website builders.

A free plan is available if you don’t want a custom domain.

Useful for students or hobbyists.

Gorgeous templates with easy integration.

Powerful drag-and-drop edit with all in-built features to create beautiful websites in minutes.

Wix App market has all the apps you need to create a fully functional website.

The Corvid tool by Wix provides advanced features developing web apps from the Wix dashboard.

Wix Cons


Storage space is limited.

Users had a bad experience with monetizing their websites in the past. The features are great but limit professionalism.



If an online store is your forte, then Shopify is the comprehensive solution you need for making a complete eCommerce website in minutes. Unlike Squarespace and Wix, Shopify focuses more on the eCommerce factor, and the entire website builder is exclusively made for constructing eCommerce websites.


Shopify is one of the most popular ways to create an eCommerce website. It has an extensive app store that provides hundreds of plugins to make your website in minutes. Additionally, you can take advantage of the theme section, where hundreds of themes are ready for the builder.


As the strongest contender in the eCommerce website builder sector, Shopify pricing is competitive, and it doesn’t support blogs or service-based websites. Instead, Shopify offers a cheap option for adding a simple online store to your existing website.


Shopify Pros


You can add unlimited products and multiple payment methods.

Social media integration is top-notch with direct plugins for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Reasonable pricing compared to other website builders.

Responsive themes with tons of add-ons and elements.

Space for blog posts and multiple pages inside the online store.

You gain access to a large app store.

Unmatched customer support is unmatched.

Shopify Cons


Shopify isn’t made for regular business websites.

Expensive as compared to other eCommerce builders.

Transcription fee for every third-party payment gateways.

Some bugs required expert developers who are familiar with Shopify coding language.

WordPress + Elementor


There are hundreds of WordPress website builders out there, but developers’ favorite has to be Elementor. It offers a free version that flawlessly integrates with WordPress and provides a clean experience with its drag-and-drop editor. The USP of Elementor is its ability to transform normal-looking pages into authentic websites.


Elementor, as a website builder, incorporates some powerful tools for marketers like lead generation and conversions. Additionally, it includes some of the best modules and settings to create almost any website without writing a single piece of code. Furthermore. Elementor works with almost every WordPress theme and plugin.


Like WordPress, Elementor is free to download and offers drag-and-drop features with 30 essential assets. It’s free, powerful, and does everything you’d expect from a premium-level site builder.


WordPress + Elementor Pros


Better control over the website design since it's running on the WordPress CMS.

Elementor has 30 modules that provide support for basic and advanced websites.

The best drag-and-drop editor in the mobile website builder market.

The higher plans include popup and WooCommerce integration.

More templates, widgets, and features than native website builders.

You can take advantage of over 15 shop widgets to create beautiful online stores.

WordPress + Elementor Cons


More site maintenance is required since elements like hosting and security aren't managed for you.

The plans might be expensive for people who are on a budget.



Weebly is almost similar to Wix. However, intelligent marketers prefer Weebly over Wix because of the simple fact- it's cheap. You can get your new site up and running with a maintenance cost of only $ 5 per month. However, the only drawback Weebly has is the annoying ads that limit user experience.


However, you can't change the fact that Weebly creates responsive, mobile-ready websites, and it has a beautiful library of themes and plugins. It is a drag-and-drop builder with a minimalist design that compliments beginner developers who want to develop quick responsive websites.


Websites created with Weebly are quiet and straightforward to specific industries. But it is essential to know that it is a simple builder that makes simple websites. Don't expect anything too powerful or mesmerizing because it is a drag-and-drop builder that provides simple websites.

Source: - https://itconsultancy268862813.wordpress.com/2021/10/19/the-5-best-mobile-website-builder-tools-in-2021/#mce_temp_url#

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