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Smartwatches: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A smartwatch is a device that supports third-party apps. They are designed for communication. They can go beyond the notifications and allows you to return a call, message, or email. On top of the basic functions, premium smartwatches have GPS. Some smartwatches also have Near Field Communication. It allows you to pay for things without pulling out your wallet.

Smartwatches look more sophisticated than fitness trackers as well. Here are a few key things when you are considering buying a smartwatch.


Always choose a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone. Most smartwatches require to be paired with a smartphone. You can use all their functionality after pairing with a smartphone.


You can connect your smartwatch with your smartphone through Wi-Fi and BlueTooth. If you are using BlueTooth, you will have to place your smartwatch within 25 -30 feet of your smartphone all time. If you want to make phone calls from the smartwatch, you will need a cellular data connection feature in your smartwatch. Calls via smartwatch will put another charge in your monthly cell phone bill.

Water Resistance

Most of the smartwatches available in the market are water-resistant. You can wear them while washing your dishes or your hands. If you are a swimmer, you can get some smartwatches that are water-resistant for some depth. You can find this information on your smartwatch box or on the website.

Scratch Resistance

Smartwatches have a glass on top of them. They are made up of different materials. Smartwatches with ionic glass, sapphire crystal, and gorilla glass are well to resist scratches. However, if your smartwatch did get a scratch, you can replace its glass. You can also purchase a glass cover to prevent it from getting scratches.

Pairing With Other Smart Devices

Smartwatches can also be paired with smart devices. For example, smart speakers, thermostats, lights, and locks. It is a good idea to check first if a watch is compatible with your other smart devices. It will make your life a lot easier.


Many smartwatches come with replaceable bands or straps. These straps are made up of nylon or silicon metal. You can choose according to the look of smartwatches. These straps give you comfortable feelings according to the strap material and build quality.

Battery Life

There is a huge difference in battery life among all the smartwatches available. The battery can last between one day to several days. It depends upon usage, power requirements, and technology.

Colour display smartwatches will likely need to be charged more often. Some smartwatches come with wireless chargers. However, some smartwatch uses magnetic charging cables.

Comparison With Fitness Tracks

You should always think about your usage before purchasing a smartwatch. You may actually need a fitness tracker. You can not tell the exact difference between these two devices. Fitness watches are getting more smartwatch features. Similarly, smartwatches are getting more fitness tracker features.

Fitness trackers have basic features. They will alert you when you have a message or call. These are designed to focus on your health. Fitness trackers cost you less and have improved battery life compared to smartwatches. It has several health monitoring features.

For example:

  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Step counter.
  • Calorie counter.
  • Sleep tracker.


A basic smartwatch can cost you $150. However, a premium smartwatch can cost you around $800. It will provide you some additional features.


There are various kinds of smartwatches available in the industry. You can choose between the above categories before buying a smartwatch. You will have to choose between what you want. You can get either a long battery or full functionality in smartwatches.

Source :-  https://sofiejohn.blogspot.com/2021/09/smartwatches-ultimate-buying-guide.html


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