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Airpods Pro vs. Echo Buds 2: Full Comparison


Apple Airpods Pro are excellent wireless earbuds, but they are not cheaper. It opens the gate for Amazon Echo Buds 2. These are also great earbuds. We are going to find out whether you should spend more or less.

Echo Buds comes with a charging case, Ear tips, Wingtips, USB-C cable, and Earbuds. Airpods Pro comes with silicone ear tips, a charging Case, a lightning charging cable, and earbuds.


Both AirPods Pro and Amazon Echo Buds 2 have a rounded in-ear bud design, but AirPods Pro has a different form factor. Echo buds 2 come in different sizes, so they are comfortable to wear. Airpods Pro has a different design; they have stuck down from your ear. You can change tracks and other stuff with this.

Both earbuds come with the Ear Fit Test, and you can access them within the application. Echo buds have tap controls, while AirPods Pro has Stem controls.

Sound Quality

Echo buds 2 have a much satisfying sound stage. You can also use the equalizer to modify your sound experience. However, AirPods Pro comes with an adaptive equalizer. It will change the sound of earbuds based on different factors. Overall sound quality is better in Amazon Echo Buds 2.


AirPods Pro supports quick switching between devices with your Apple ID. However, Echo Buds 2 do not have this feature. Echo Buds 2 are not able to reconnect sometimes automatically with the last paired device. This issue is on both Android as well as iPhone divides. You can also get syncing a little bit off while watching online content.


AirPods Pro has Spatial Audio that creates a virtual surround sound effect when you are listening to music or watching movies. Both earbuds use accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide a virtual surround sound experience. Amazon Echo Buds 2 supports both Android assistant as well as Siri. It is also helpful if you are in the Amazon ecosystem.

However, Alexa interaction takes a couple of tries sometimes. But overall, it is pretty good. Airpods pro also supports Virtual assistant features. You can respond to calls or messages, read aloud your messages in your ear.

Both earbuds are flexible when it comes to using them. You can also see the location of these earbuds from your device in case you lost them. Users can use both earbuds independently.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation works on both pretty well. However, AirPods Pro has more effective noise cancellation, but they are also more expensive. The overall ANC performance in Amazon Echo Buds 2 is great. They are a lot better than the first generation Echo Buds.

Both earbuds also feature transparency mode that allows you to hear sounds from the outside world while wearing them. Overall, Airpods Pro sounds most natural. However, AirPods Pro is double the price of Amazon Echo Buds 2.

Battery Life

AirPods Pro claims 4.5 hours of battery life with Active Noise Cancellation turned on, while Amazon Echo Buds 2 claims a 5-hour battery life with Active Noise Cancellation turned on. The battery life also depends upon the volume level. AirPods Pro Charging Case will provide you with a total of 24 hours battery backup, while Echo buds 2 provides 15 hours of battery backup.

To sum up, both charging cases support wireless charging. However, you will have to pay some extra money for wireless charging in Amazon Echo Buds 2.



The price for Airpods Pro is around $250, while Amazon Echo Buds 2 will cost you about $120. You can also find out the latest price on their official website.



Amazon Echo Buds 2 are really good value earbuds if you are already on the Amazon ecosystem. You will get a better sound quality. AirPods Pro will be a better choice if you are in the Apple Ecosystem. However, these earbuds are more expensive.

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