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A Guide To Get Coordinates From Google Maps

Are you looking for ways to find GPS coordinates from Google Maps? You are in the right place. This post will teach you ways to get GPS coordinates from Google Maps. Here you will also learn the ways to use the coordinates. You can take advantage of this guide on internet browsers and Android & iOS devices. Let’s see the steps to get location coordinates from Google Maps. 

Getting coordinates from Google Maps on a computer

Getting coordinates from Google Maps is straightforward using a web browser on a PC. Use the below steps to find GPS coordinates. 

  • Access an internet browser on your computer and visit the official site of Google Maps. Here any browser can work.
  • Choose the location you wish to find GPS coordinates.
  • Take the mouse pointer on that location and do a right-click.  
  • Choose What’s here? located on the menu.
  • The GPS coordinates will look at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Choose the coordinates from the bottom of the screen. When you choose the coordinates, a destination panel will appear. 
  • You will see coordinates in two different formats, including DMS or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, and DD or Decimal Degrees. You can note down or copy it. 

Getting coordinates using smartphones

Apart from finding coordinates on the computer, you can find location coordinates using your smartphone. Go through the below steps.  

  • Access the Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone device. Please choose the location and press and hold it to get a red pin. 
  • The coordinates will appear in the location search box located on the top of the screen. 
  • In the case of an iPhone, the coordinates will appear at the bottom of the screen after opening the location details. Follow the below steps to get coordinates on an iPhone.   
  • Press and hold at a point on the map to position the red pin.
  • Choose the top of the information card at the bottom of the screen. This act will show the location information with its coordinates. 
  • Copy the coordinates and use them where you want.

How to use location coordinates?

After getting coordinates for a particular location, you may need to know how to use it. Here are the required steps to use location coordinates.

  • Visit the Google Maps official site. 
  • Click on the search box in the upper area of the screen and type the coordinates credentials. You have to enter the coordinates using one acceptable format out of three. The first format is DMS or Degree, Minutes, Seconds. The second format is DMM or Degrees and Decimal Minutes. The third one is DD or Decimal Degrees. 
  • After entering the coordinates correctly, hit the search icon to reach the respective location. 
  • Use the Directions option to navigate to that location. 

As the address of a house includes the street’s name, city, number, etc., just like that, a location coordinates represent a location in a specific way using numbers and decimals. GPS coordinates use latitude and longitude as their basic units. Moreover, if you want to find coordinates of a particular place, you can read this post. This post will help you find location coordinates for both mobile devices and PCs. 



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