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Here’s How One Can Add Emergency Contacts to Apple Watch

Apple is a well-known brand that produces a lot of great devices. The devices that this company designs include a lot of great functionalities that aim to meet the requirements and interests of the users. iPhones and Apple Watches are the most demanded products of this great brand. With an Apple Watch, one can perform multiple tasks like listening to music, making and receiving audio calls, managing emails and text messages, and can do much more than that. And along with that, it also includes a feature that can get you the needed help in an emergency situation. Both iPhone and Apple Watch consist of functionality called “SOS,” which calls the emergency services in emergency situations.  Do you also own an iPhone or an Apple Watch? Want to know how you can activate this useful functionality?

The following feature also helps you to add emergency contacts to your Apple Watch. Do you want to see how you can add emergency contacts to your Apple Watch? If yes, then you must consider reading this complete article. Here, we have provided the complete procedure for enabling the SOS feature on an Apple Watch so that one can add emergency contacts to their smartwatch. Please explore this entire article to get to the method.

The Method to Add Emergency Contacts to Apple Watch

Any of the Apple Watch users can easily add emergency contacts to their smartwatch by enabling the SOS functionality. To perform this task, at first, you will have to specify the emergency contacts that you would like to add to your Apple smartwatch. And after adding the contacts, your device will alert them immediately. Let’s see  how you can add emergency contacts to your Apple Watch or iPhone:

First of all, you will need to launch the Health app on your paired iPhone.

And after launching the Health app, go to the profile icon that you can see placed at the top right corner of your device’s screen.

After reaching the next screen, tap the option of “Medical ID.”

And next, you will have to tap on the “Edit” button to proceed further with the task.

And now, scroll down a bit to reach the “Emergency Contacts” section and then tap on the “+” icon given beside the “Emergency Contacts” option.

And the next step that you will have to take is to select the contacts that you would like to add and then specify the relationship with the contact.

And at last, tap on the “Save” button to save the changes. And that’s it. Following the mentioned steps, you can add as many emergency contacts to your Apple Watch and iPhone.

So, that is how any iPhone or Apple Watch user can add emergency contacts to their devices. These are the most simple steps that anyone can follow without facing any troubles. And that’s all for now. Thanks for visiting this site and reading this complete article. If you wish to get daily tech-related updates, please keep visiting our website.


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