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19 августа 2021 г. 10:47, г. New City, США Смотреть на карте

Many People Dissatisfied with the New Prayer Tool on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook allows users to share their ideas, pictures, and videos; however, a new feature has been added that allows users to pray for others. Facebook has begun rolling out a new Prayer Request tool, which will allow certain religious leaders and other users to pray online with people who are connected with them, according to the company. However, several people have voiced their dissatisfaction with the new function, claiming that it is an unneeded addition to the platform.

The feature became the part of Facebook Groups

Facebook has integrated the new function into groups, and the controls connected with it will be in the hands of group administrators. Whenever someone is ill, or before a job interview, or whenever there is a small problem, group members may request the rest of the members pray with them. Following the creation of such a post in the group, other members may respond by tapping the ‘I Prayed’ button. Additionally, likes and other types of responses may be expressed.

Choose the icon to pray

Members will be able to use this function if it is enabled or disabled by group administrators in Facebook groups. When a member posts someone, they will have the option of asking others to pray for them. The social networking site has provided users with the opportunity to choose between two symbols that are linked with prayer.

Testing is going on from December

Since December, Facebook has been testing its function in the United States. According to company spokespersons, the function on the site is intended to promote support for faith-based organizations. We saw numerous religious groups utilizing Facebook to connect during the Covid-19 outbreak, and we are now working on bringing additional features into the system that will assist them, according to the spokesman. “

The feature gets a welcome from religious leaders

The Rev. Robert Jeffress of Dallas’ First Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch, was one of the pastors who warmly welcomed the prayer option. Amid the pandemic, “Facebook and other social media platforms continue to connect people who believe in God,” Robert said. While a tool may be abused, he said he welcomed any reform that encourages people to pray when they need it. “

Jacki King, the minister to women at Second Baptist Conway, a Southern Baptist church in Conway, Arkansas, sees a possible advantage for individuals who are separated due to the epidemic and suffering from mental health, money, and other problems.

At the moment, people are more inclined to remark than to enter a church, King says. “It creates a channel of communication.”

Some users disliked the tool

While some religious leaders have expressed support for the feature, the majority have expressed dissatisfaction with it. Many users claim that the application may be exploited as a joke and that social media is not the appropriate place to pray for them. “People will be bound to social media utilizing such features instead of going from their homes to church,” said Jackie King, a member of the American Christian organization.

According to its data policy, Facebook utilizes the information it collects in several ways, including personalized advertising. However, the firm claims that marketers will not be able to target advertisements based on a person’s prayer postings.

When the corona crisis is making people hopeless, and with stretched lockdowns, the attempt made by Facebook will give people a safe and secure option to pray, which may be disliked by some people but still if this tool brings hope and happiness in the life of people then it is worth it.

Source :-  https://elinajohn99.tumblr.com/post/659929391053324288/many-people-dissatisfied-with-the-new-prayer

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