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Best Fixes for Notification Sound Not Working on Samsung Devices

There are several different types of notification settings in Samsung. But if you change anything here and thereby make a mistake or in trying something new, it can cause a notification error on your Samsung Galaxy Phones. And this is the problem faced by many Samsung Galaxy user’s notification sound doesn’t work. The other sounds work perfectly, but the issue with notification sound persists. Also, the problem is not limited to some apps like WhatsApp and Normal text messages. It happens with all the apps. Moreover, the problem isn’t also limited to any specific model. It keeps happening to all series such as S, A, Note, etc.

So, here we are with this blog and different methods to fix the Samsung notification sound not working issue. Let’s get going then.

You can Restart your Phone:

Yes, we know you might be thinking, what is this solution? I don’t want to do this. And jump on to the solutions given below. But if you want to listen to us, we would request you to restart your phone before you try anything. You might get lucky, and maybe a simple restart would fix your device notification sound problems.

Increase the Notification Volume level:

Samsung is not built like most phones out there. Most phones have a single volume and ringtone level for volume. Whereas Samsung has separate notification and volume levels. So, even if your ringtone volume is high, it wouldn’t make any difference to the notification sound. So, check the notification sound separately.

Now to do so, go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Volume. You can increase the notification sound by dragging the slider next to it to the right.

However, there is an alternative method where you can just click on the volume button. On the volume, tap on the three dots at the top, and it will open various volume sliders. From there, you can increase your notification volume.

Disable Mute or Vibration mode:

There might be a situation where you fortuitously enabled the mute or vibration mode. And that is why you don’t hear the notification sound on your Samsung Galaxy Phone. If you want to disable this mode which is easy, just follow the steps. Go to Settings > Sounds and vibration. Now check the box under the sound, and it’s done. Also, you can turn the sound on from Quick settings as well.

Disconnect Connect Bluetooth Devices:

This is a common mistake. We all connect our phones to Bluetooth devices and then forget it is connected to that device. Once your phone is connected to that Bluetooth device, the notification sound will play through that device and not through your phone. So, if your phone is always connected to the Bluetooth device, please disconnect it to receive a notification.

Check your devices Hearing Accessibility Setting:

Now, if the above methods are not working, you may also want to take a look at Turn Off all sound’s accessibility settings. For this, you have to go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing. Disable Mute all sounds.

Reset Settings:

After trying all these solutions and the problem persists, you should reset all settings on it. Note: This will not harm any personal data on your phone. It will just reset the settings. But settings like Bluetooth, app permissions, and Wi-Fi will reset to default. Maybe this will help in fixing the problem.


Here are some different methods to solve your notification sound not working on Samsung Galaxy devices. You can enable notification as easily as you can disable it. You can also disable/enable sounds like screen lock, charging, keyboard, etc. Hope you find this information useful.


Source :- https://sofiejohn.blogspot.com/2021/08/best-fixes-for-notification-sound-not.html

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