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How to get rid of Junk Emails by creating a Disposable Email address

Do you want to get rid of spam emails but don't know how to do so? Stay with this short guide on how to get rid of junk emails by creating disposable email addresses. 
Everyone wants to stop unwanted emails, and so they unsubscribe the sender and think that they are now safe from annoying or junk emails. But the bad news is that spam emails are an unavoidable event that doesn't mean that you can't do anything. Here a disposable email address may help. We will teach you how to avoid junk emails by creating a disposable email address. If you don't know what a disposable email address is? Let me give a short explanation of it first. 
A disposable email address or DEA is a kind of email address that is created to use temporarily. It gets deactivated after a period of time. You can create a temporary email with a short lifespan, like 10 minutes. Moreover, let's come to the main point and learn how to get an email that can be thrown back after use. 
Make a disposable email address using the Gmail customization technique
Google isn't a disposable email service provider like Guerrilla Mail and Fake Inbox. But Google allows you to prepare a custom email address that can be thrown after use. Here is how to create a customized email that you can dump after meeting the purpose.  
  • When you are on a web page and about to fill in your email address to avail of any kind of service, you have to enter your actual email, but you have to add a specific tag in your original email. For example, if your Gmail address is abcxyz@gmail.com, then you have to add a plus sign in the beginning: +abcxyz@gmail.com. The addition of the plus tag in the email makes the emails visible that come from that address. And when you receive an email on this address, they look alone from other messages available in the inbox. In that way, it becomes easy to locate and delete such emails.
  • If you have received emails on that address, you can create a Gmail filter to remove such emails automatically. To make a Gmail filter, enter that tag in the Gmail search bar and tap the right side's drop-down arrow. Type the tag in the From section and hit the Create Filter button.   
  • On the next page, checkmark the Delete It box and then tab Create Filter once again. Now all the emails coming from that customized email will be deleted automatically. 
Install an extension using Burner Mail
If you are going to sign up for several services for the purpose of reviewing or testing something, a browser extension may be more helpful. With an extension, you can make several disposable email addresses in no time and even easily. For this task, you should go with a Burnermail extension. However, you can make temporary emails on the website itself, but an extension will be handy. 
  • Visit the official site of Burner Mail and hit the Install Burner Mail for Chrome button. You can also download the extension from the Chrome Store. If you use Firefox, you can use this extension for the same. After installing the extension, you will have a Burner Mail icon in the top right of the browser's window. 
  • Now an email field will appear to you for filling. So, hover over it, and the Burner Mail icon will appear, and a temporary email address will be generated automatically. Next, you have to select this new email and fill it in the field. Now your Gmail account will receive forwarded emails from this custom email. You can stop it whenever you want.  
  • After using the disposable email as long as you need, choose the Burner email icon to find your created emails. A turn on / off toggle button will appear that has an option called Block Sender. Disable the email address using the toggle button and all emails will be blocked. You can create five emails with a free account and 30 with a premium one. 
  • If you don't want to show the actual email, you should use an auto-provided address while replying to those emails. 
Other alternatives If you aren't comfortable with Burner Mail, you can try some other alternatives. You can use Mailinator to make a new email address that will be deleted automatically after a few hours. You can also use Mailsac, but you will need to sign up for an account. The next is 10-Minute Mail, and its name says what it can do. 
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