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Add and Use Widgets in iPadOS 15 Easily

Recently Apple introduced the new feature of adding widgets to the iPhone home screen, which took everyone by surprise. The surprise was not because of happiness. It was out of anger and sadness because the same feature didn't make it to the iPad. Now, in the recently concluded WWDC 2021, Apple fixed this issue. They announced with the release of iPadOS 15 widgets will be included for iPad also. Now, you can put widgets anywhere on the iPads home screen. Also, now the widgets can easily co-exist with your apps on the home screen. But how does one add a widget to the home screen? We will discuss different things like how to use, customize and add widgets in iPadOS 15. So, let's jump right into it.

Using Widgets on iPad Home Screen

Firstly, let's see what widgets are? Widgets are a useful box that provides information in a concise unit to its users without having to open an app for that information. If you want the information in detail, you can tap on the widget and it will open the information on the full version of the app.

Previously widgets were only limited to Today View. But it wasn't the best approach to get widgets on the home screen.

How to Add Widgets to iPad Home Screen

Firstly, to experience the Widget you have to install the iPadOS on your iPad. Because if you have iOS 14, you will not be able to use widgets on your iPads home screen. If you want to check if you have the latest iOS or not, go to Settings General About . Check if you don't have iOS 15, then, update your software. 

Now, after confirming, go to your iPad's home screen. Hold and touch any space on your screen. As the icons start to shake, tap on the (+) on the top left corner.

Now the widget selection panel will open, showing you different widgets available for you to choose from. So, just select the widgets that you want to add to your home screen. You can also use the search bar if you want to search for a specific widget of your choice. After you have found the right widget, you can tap on Add Widget and you can add them on your screen. Or there is another shortcut option, you can just drag and drop the widget to the home screen.

How to Customize iPad Widgets:

Some widgets are easily customizable from the home screen only. You can change things like the type of data available, font, or the location in the weather widget. To customize the widget, go to the edit widget option from the menu that pops up. Select the options that are available on the customize widget.

How to Remove a Widget from Home Screen on iPad?

There are two options available through which you can easily remove a widget from the iPad's home screen. Both the options are given below:

  • Firstly, you can just tap on the widget and wait until the menu appears, and then select remove widget from the menu.
  • Secondly, you can touch and hold any space on your home screen until all the apps and widgets start to shake. Then, just tap on the (-) icon the remove the widget from your home screen. Also, it will not be completely removed and you can easily re-add them whenever you want.


Now, this is what makes everyone happy as it is something useful for all Apple devices. iPad's home screen widget can be a game-changer. We hope that now you know how to add and remove and customize widgets easily.

Source: -   https://elinajohn99.tumblr.com/post/659288434801819648/add-and-use-widgets-in-ipados-15-easily

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