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6 августа 2021 г. 09:53

How To Get Android OS On Computer



Android is popularly used as a smartphone OS. But do you think of using it on a PC? You may be a visionary person as it is possible. You can get Android on your computer. We will guide you to install Android on your PC. With Android on your computer, you can do several tasks like using multiple apps, playing games, and more. 


Installing Android on a PC is handy through tools like virtual device emulators, bootable USB versions, and independent tools such as BlueStacks. All these tools come with pros and cons. You can consider the one based on your needs. Let’s see different ways to get Android on your PC. 


Use Android Studio and the virtual device


Android Studio is an essential tool used for Android development. This tool is used by software developers for tasks like testing applications, entering codes, and handling multiple projects. It is also used to incorporate AVD Manager or Android virtual device manager to set and install emulators. This virtual device is advantageous in many ways. If you go for x86_64 architecture, you get alternatives to use the Android virtual device to take advantage of Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager. This act helps in boosting system performance. 


AVD also provides the latest version of Android. That is why some developers try for recent updates for Android to know impacts on their apps. In simple terms, one can take advantage of Android’s beta versions before their launch. 


Please note that the AVD will need some more setups compared to others available in this post. So, you have to download Android Studio along with the SDK. Once you download it, you have to make a new virtual device. By doing this, you can decide the memory, display’s size, and also the Android version. Remember that all these setup tools, including the Android SDK, Android Studio, and the Android program, will need massive space on the hard drive.


Get original Android emulation with Genymotion


Genymotion is a popular Android emulator that creates a virtual system on a PC. It provides original Android emulation and huge configuration tools to enhance the user experience. Here you have to install the Android Virtual Device from VirtualBox provided by this program. Genymotion provides ADB access. It is also compatible with several apps' testing frameworks. It can also be accessed using platforms on Alibaba and Amazon. After all, you can get started for free with the Personal Edition.  


Use open-source alternative: Android x86.org 


You can use Android x86.org to get Android on your PC. Being an Android open-source platform, you can take advantage of Android on your PC with the recent versions as the main OS. You can also run in a virtual machine. The software provides an experience like the stock Android. You also get the Play Store with it. You can install the Android x86 using a bootable CD that facilitates direct installation on the hard drive. You can also use a USB stick to install it on the hard drive. If we talk about it differently, you will need to install it on a Virtual Machine, including VirtualBox. You can go through official guidance for installation options. 


Use BlueStacks


Installing Android OS on PC using BlueStacks is being used for a long time after its launch in 2011. BlueStacks is excellent in terms of performance. It includes great features, including a simple UI, optimized gaming, key mapping, and more. The application is easy to install. The latest version BlueStacks 4works on the 32-bit version of Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Overall, it is a good decision to use BlueStacks on a PC. Download and see its offerings. 


All the above ways to get Android on a computer have their pros and cons. It all depends on you what you wish to get from Android on your computer. Out of all, you can go with the AVD Manager as the ultimate option. It provides Android Studio. It is a truly free option and also gets official support from Google. 

Source: -   https://sofiyaitservices.wordpress.com/2021/08/06/how-to-get-android-os-on-computer/  



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