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How to Delete Amazon Prime Video Watch History

Do you want to delete your Prime Video watch history and don’t know how to do it? Stay with us. We will guide you through this post in deleting your watch history on Amazon Prime Video.

Video streaming platforms like Prime Video track users’ watch history, including movies and shows, and adds them under the watch history section. After watching a movie, we forget what we watched last month but watch history is a place that reminds us of previously watched content. The platform also recommends better content based on our watch history.

But when you share the Prime Video account with your family members or friends, they also get to know what you have watched through the watch history. Sometimes it can be embarrassing for you to let your family members or friends know about your watch history. So, the best way to get rid of such situations is to erase what you watch from watch history on Prime Video. Deleting watch history also helps when you use a shared account and don’t want to let the account’s owner know what you have watched and want to get rid of shameful recommendations. So, let’s see the ways to delete Amazon Prime Video watch history.  

Steps to delete Prime Video watch history on the web browser

Like many streaming platforms, Prime Video also collects your watch history to provide you better recommendations. So, if you don't want to see unwanted recommendations in your video feed, you can erase the similar content from the watch history. Follow the below instructions to delete watch history through your web browser.

  • Launch the web browser and visit the Amazon website.
  • After accessing the Amazon website, you have to log in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Go to the Accounts & Lists (Hover over it) from the upper right corner and choose the option called Your Prime Video from the dropdown menu.
  • After accessing the Prime Video page, hit on the Settings from the right corner.
  • Now you will reach the Account and Settings page.
  • Find and hit on the Activity tab and then tap on the View Watch History option, your destination. In the watch history, you will see all your watched content, including movies and shows. The watching history contains all the videos that have been watched on different devices like smartphones, Fire TV, and more.
  • Choose what you want to delete, such as a movie or show, and hit on the option called Hide This link located below the title. Also, tick the option called “I prefer not to use this for recommendations” if you don't want to get recommendations for that content. You can see this option on the right side of the screen.

Note that you will need to delete the Prime Video watch history one by one as you can't delete the entire watch history at once using your browser.  

Steps to delete search history on the Prime Video app

No option is available on the Prime Video app for clearing or viewing watch history. But still, you can delete the search history. Use these steps to remove search history on almost all versions of the app.

  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Hit on the My Stuff option from the lower right corner of the app's interface.
  • Access the Settings through the gear icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Hit on the option called Clear Video Search History.

Now you know how to deal with the watch history and search history of the Amazon Prime Video. We hope that this post will solve your queries regarding deleting Prime Video watch history.

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