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How To Add Words To Android Dictionary

If you are here searching for ways to add words to the Android dictionary, you have reached your destination. You get a built-in dictionary on your Android device to help you while writing or typing something to provide you correct suggestions. But this auto-suggestion system can be annoying for many as it overwrites the texts you type to convey a message. That is why we are here to help you eliminate this frustration by teaching you how to add words to the Android dictionary. 

Android dictionary

As we have mentioned above, Android phones come with a built-in dictionary. It is used by the device to provide you suggestions while typing or writing anything. This dictionary works based on the language preference that you opt for while setting up the device for the first time. However, it is not enough in some cases because you might have noticed some unfamiliar words from other languages in your daily conversations. But your smartphone corrects the misspelled or wrong words or informs you about your mistakes. 

It may also happen when you are chatting with a person using some special words or phrases. And when anyone uses some unique words or phrases that are not available in the dictionary, the device will not identify them. On the other hand, it can be a problem because new words are emerging every year. 

Moreover, here is a solution to this situation. What if you can add your own words that you wish to use? This is the solution by adding words on your own using the device's settings. 

How to add words to Android dictionary when you type   

This is a straightforward way to add words to an Android dictionary. While typing or writing something, if you find some new words and phrases, you can then add them to your personal dictionary so you can remember them for later use. To do so, use these required steps. 

  • You have to type the word that you have to add to the Android dictionary.  
  • Tab twice or long the word to add to the dictionary. 
  • Finally, hit the option called Add to the dictionary .      

How to add words using settings

It may be a complicated process for you to add the words as it takes more time than the first one. But you can add multiple words at once through this method. Adding words through settings mostly helps when you have created a list of words and want to add to your personal dictionary. To do so, follow the below steps. 

  • Go to the Settings on your smartphone. 
  • Hit on Language and Keyboard 
  • Try to find the option where you can find dictionary related options like User dictionary or Personal dictionary. 
  • After seeing the respective settings, you get the option to add the words manually.

Now you know how to add words to your personal Android dictionary through the above methods. This way, you will feel comfortable while typing something on your device because you find the words you wish to use. 

Note that you may not find an option for adding words on Samsung Galaxy phones, including S9 and S10, through the above methods. But there can be some different settings on these phones to do so. 

Source; - https://sofiyaitservices.wordpress.com/2021/08/02/how-to-add-words-to-android-dictionary/

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