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3 июля 2021 г. 10:49, г. Нью-Йорк, США Смотреть на карте

Google Pixel Buds A-Series: Confirmation and Leaks

You can say that Google leaked its own product. Now everyone knows about the product. If you have no idea what I am talking about, on May 4th Google tweeted that the Pixel Buds A is out now and ready to be used with the latest quick pairing from Android. But Google didn’t mean to do so. A few minutes later, they deleted the tweet. Luckily someone got the official product image and also the screenshot of the tweet.

The Leak

In the image, we can see Google’s new product, Pixel Buds A, with a phone that may be pixel 4a 5G or unannounced pixel 5a because we have heard some rumors to have no significant design changes from 4a. We cannot see the back of the device or any product name.

We can clearly see the design of the Pixel Buds A. Its design is also visible clearly. So it is confirmed that there will be an upcoming Google product named Pixel Buds A. It is officially a product but is not out yet.

Google Pixel Buds A

Google was working on a more affordable variant of the pixel buds. Now it is kind of official. Google’s German store accidentally listed Pixel Buds A series on the Website front page. Some renders from last month showed these are also available in green colors. It has similar designs as we have on Pixel Buds.

Official Announcement

Google Pixel Buds A is already certified with FCC. We are a couple of weeks away from the next Google I/O event. This deleted tweet might be a scheduled tweet error. Hopefully, we can get the official announcement on the next Google I/O event. We are expecting it to be delivered at a more affordable price tag. Hopefully, we can also get more information on some other hardware Google. The following Google I/O event is scheduled on May 18th. We will be waiting for Google to announce the Google Pixel Buds A as an official product.


We can clearly look at the leaked image; the design of Google Pixel Buds A will be the same as the Google Pixel Buds. Google Pixel Buds A looks identical to Google Pixel Buds. Google Pixel Buds A will feature a new coloring scheme. Google Pixel Buds A contains only one LED indicator, while the previous version had two LEDs. The Interior of the Google Pixel Buds A will be the same, but it may feature new colors, including green with a white case. There may be a lot more improvements that are unknown to date. We can get more detailed information in the upcoming Google I/O event.


Google Pixel Buds A prompts new features. It offers a fast pair technology to offer a quicker Bluetooth pairing. Fast pair is a service that utilizes the low energy of Bluetooth and the phone's location service to find a nearby Bluetooth device. It also allows you to connect with just one single tap. Fast pair will list all the connected accessories to the Google account.

It also has a feature to find my device feature. No need to worry if you lost it in the home. You can find your lost Bluetooth accessory easily.

These earbuds will work on all android devices running on Android 6 and above Operating Systems. We can see some improved gesture control in the new Google Pixel Buds A. It will not have the same gesture controls as the previous Google Pixel Buds.

Key points of Google Pixel Buds A:

  • Quality sound
  • Quick bluetooth pairing
  • Updated Fast-Pair Experience
  • One-Tap Bluetooth Pairing


It is expected to get a lower price point tag than the previous Google Pixel Buds. The A series of Google Smartphones were cheaper than the base model, so we can assume that the Google Pixel Buds A will be cheaper than Google Pixel Buds.

The current Google Pixel Buds are priced at $ 180.


Google Pixel Buds A are the true wireless stereo earphones. It comes with some improved features such as Improved Fast pair, Gesture controls, and more. Everyone is waiting for the upcoming Google Pixel Buds A series. Google may announce this product in its next I / O event. Keeping an eye on the upcoming event would be best for you.

Source: -  https://3safeanswerswebroot.com/google-pixel-buds-a-series-confirmation-and-leaks/

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