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21 июня 2021 г. 14:04, г. Afton, США Смотреть на карте

Anker Nano 2 Series: Details You Missed

Over the last decades, smartphones have become an essential tool for daily life.

You can use them for work, learn, and entertainment. As a result, you need to charge your essential devices. Anker has been working on this special charger for the last three years. They claim that it is new in hassle-free charging experience.

New laptops and smartphones come with their own charging accessories. However, people do not use our older charger in new accessories. Anker has made a charger that can charge all of your devices. The charge is versatile. As a result, it can be used for years.

It is the first Gan commercially available charger in the world. Gan is a much more efficient material in comparison to silicon. It allows you to build a smaller charger. However, it is faster. Over the past couple of years, Gan has been adopted by the electronic industry.

Latest Gan Technology: Gan 2

Anker has been using this charging technology since 2018. They have upgraded it with a compact design. It also has higher energy efficiency. Now the upcoming charger will be equipped with Gan 2 technology. You will be more excited to grab these tiny chargers in your hands.

Nano 2

This new lineup of nano 2 chargers is a big improvement in the industry. It is better than other available chargers in the market. Other chargers overheat easily. This is due to the lower efficiency of the charger. In the long run overheating can trouble to charge speed. As a result, it will shorten the life of a charger.

Gan has completely changed the scenario. Gan 2 technology makes the charger the safest and fastest. The Nano 2 series has a single USB-C port. It has its own PowerIQ 3.0 technology. It is compatible with most devices. PowerIQ 3.0 detects the device when it is connected. And it charges the device at the fastest speed possible.


It comes in three variants. It includes a 30W, 45W, and 65W charger. The 65w charger is small but powerful enough to charge your device rapidly. It can charge most smartphones, tablets, and Laptops. It is great for charging all devices through one charger.

The 30w variant is the smallest one. It is recommended for travelers. It weighs around 47 grams. It can easily handle the smartwatch, smartphone, and tablets. The 45w charger is perfectly balanced between the 30w and 65w charger. It is slightly bigger than a 30w charger. The extra 15w is helpful for charging Chromebooks and notebooks. The 45w and 60w charger features maximum portability.


  • It charges Notebooks at high speed.
  • It Charges an iPad pro 30% faster.
  • Charge smartphones up to 3 times faster.

Prise and Order

All three chargers are available for pre-order in the US. You can order them from Amazon and Anker’s official websites. It is only available in the US. The 30w model is available for $29.99, the 45w charger is available for $35.99, and the 60w charger is available for $39.99.

However, you can get a 45w charger at select best buy stores in the US.


Anker’s nano 2 USB-C charger provides a much faster charging speed than other chargers. It has a small compact design. Anker has improved the chip’s internal layout to reduce heat and deliver great efficiency.

Source  :-  https://installkeynortonsetup.com/anker-nano-2-series-details-you-missed/

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