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15 июня 2021 г. 15:16, г. Afton, США Смотреть на карте

Bose Unveils True Wireless Earbuds with Outer Ear Fit

Bose has always stood out from others when it comes to manufacturing the best speakers, headphones, and earbuds. The company believes in both quality and reliability. Most people use the product manufactured by Bose as they consider its products reliable. The renowned company has unveiled its new earbuds that will keep you safe while you bicycle and run on the road. The regular headphones fit over your ears and don’t let you hear what is going on in your surroundings. Don’t you think it may sometimes cause you trouble? Whether you are jogging or running, you can stay safe on the road even when you have your earbuds on. Listening to music through earbuds on the road may put you at risk, so we have mentioned the features of Bose’s latest open-ear earbuds.

Why Pick Bose Sport Open Earbuds?

Bose Sport Open Earbuds keep your ears open to the outside world. Their open-ear design is being appreciated a lot. They fit over the ears and offer high-quality sound by keeping you aware of what is happening in the surroundings. They have especially been designed for those who love listening to music while jogging, running, and bicycling. They do not directly go in your ear as various other earbuds do. These are more comfortable and hang on the upper part of the ear so that you can hear the ambient noise around you. If you listen to music at a high volume, you will hear the surroundings. The company says the earbuds are more comfortable than any regular earbuds.

What makes them stand out from others is their ability to resist water. These weigh around 15 grams. Once you charge them fully, these will last up to 8 hours. Bose’s new earbuds will appeal to modern music lovers in terms of both look and design. The earbuds are getting much attention and have attracted many new customers to Bose. Bose Sport Open Earbuds will first be available for online purchase. It is less likely that they will be available in the market very soon. If you are interested in listening to music while running, jogging, and bicycling, these will be available in mid-January. The Bose Sport Open Earbuds will cost around $199.99. You can pre-order the awesome earbuds by visiting the official website of Bose. For more information and details about the product, you can visit the official website of Bose.

More Options to Choose from

Bose is a reliable name in the world of speakers, earbuds, and headphones. Many people find it difficult to afford the products made by Bose. If you are looking for another company that offers Open audio technology, there are many, but Bose stands out from the rest. Jabra Elite 65t can enhance your listening experience and let you hear what is happening in your surroundings. The headphones are suitable for runners and cyclists as you can easily hear the sound of any vehicle approaching you. Bose always stands for quality, so it is recommended to go for Bose Sport Open Earbuds. Several runners look for good earbuds to stay focused on their performance without any outside sound coming into their ears. The great thing about the earbuds is that they are wireless. It means that you can perform any exercise without getting entangled in wires.

Source  :-  https://mca8fee.com/bose-unveils-true-wireless-earbuds-with-outer-ear-fit/

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