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5 Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

If you are a fitness enthusiast and plan to focus on your health and fitness, Apple Watch is the right tool for you. Apple Watch is not just a watch around your wrist, but it also serves as a good fitness tracker. It helps you stay fit and lets you know how well you are performing. The app works great with several third-party apps. If your goal is staying healthy, the Apple Watch fitness apps on the list will meet your fitness needs and help you reach your fitness goal. Have a look at the list of the best Apple Watch fitness apps.

Smart gym

Kicking off the list of the best Apple Watch fitness apps is Smart Gym. It comes with several pre-built exercises and workouts. One can create their routines, get access to more than 100 workouts already available on the app. Users can start their workouts and track the progress using the app. SmartGym is available for free on App Store. If you want to purchase additional features to enhance your fitness experience, you need to pay for the app.

Streaks workout

Streaks is an excellent app as it works with both iPhone and Apple watch. It lets you manage your routine. It lets you stay focused on your fitness goal with a variety of exercises. The exercises available on the app are so easy that one can perform them anywhere in the absence of equipment. One can begin workouts anywhere with the help of this app and track data such as heart rate. Users can create their routines in the app. Those who are fond of listening to music during a workout may subscribe to Apple Music. It sells for $ 3.99 on the App Store.

Zones for Training

Zones for Training is a useful fitness app. It monitors how hard you are working to achieve your fitness goal and lets you accomplish it. It displays the heart rate while you perform the exercise. It includes more than 60 types of workouts, such as cycling, walking, running, and strength training. The app is great for both indoor and outdoor exercises. The positive ratings and comments are enough to convince one that this app is a perfect option for fitness-conscious people. You can download Zones for free on the App Store. For additional features, you need to shell out a few bucks.


For fitness lovers, Liftr is another effective app that has been designed with fitness lovers' needs in mind. Fitness lovers get more options on the app than any other app. It has a good collection of over 200 exercises. The animated pictures help you understand each exercise better. One can track their progress and take their fitness to the next level with the help of this fitness training tracker. Liftr is compatible with both iPod Touch and iPhone. The app size is 112MB. It costs $ 1.99. Get it on the App Store.


Strava is not just an app but a community of fitness enthusiasts too. It works with an Apple Watch and lets you track the progress of your workouts. Whether you love cycling, running, or walking, it may be a good companion for you. It informs you of the key stats like speed, calories that you burned, distance, and more. The app gives you a chance to compete with other fitness enthusiasts. If you want to join the great community of fitness lovers, Strava may be a perfect option. Strava is available on the App Store for free, but you need to pay for availing of additional features.


Apple Watch is a wearable device that you can connect to your iPhone and track the workout progress. We have mentioned some of the best Apple Watch fitness apps on the list. As a fitness enthusiast, you can choose any of the apps given above as per your preference.

Source: -  https://setupforoffice.co.uk/5-best-apple-watch-fitness-apps/

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