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23 октября 2020 г. 10:17, г. Adams, США Смотреть на карте

You Must Keep These Apps on Your Phone if You Are Planning a Road Trip

Road trips are fun. They are treated as one of the best adventures across the world. You can plan a road trip with your friends and family, and even a solo road trip is not a bad idea to explore unseen and new places. Whatever kind of road trip you like, the one thing which remains common is the planning, and of course, we are not into the 90s where it would be difficult. These days, there are many apps available on your smartphone, which help you with every step of planning a road trip and during the trip. In this article, we have listed the apps that will make the planning and process of your road trips more comfortable. All of these apps are available for Android and can be downloaded for Google Play Store. Let’s scroll down and find the apps to assist you in your road trip.


Accommodation is the most important thing during any trip. You must find a safe and comfortable space to spend your days and nights during any trip to avoid any unwanted experience. Airbnb is the app that takes care of the accommodation part during your trip. It shows you the available rooms, houses, and apartments near your location on the trip, where you can spend a relaxing time. This app does not book a hotel, but the listed rooms, houses, or apartments are owned by common people who rent those to you during your trip at a specified price. This app is the best place to find a space to sleep at night during your trip, and unlike a hotel, you can experience the local atmosphere of the place you are going to.

Android Auto

You will not want to spend a lot of time on your road trip switching among various apps. This app is designed that way only, and it organizes all the necessary apps for your road trip in one place, and your screen starts looking like a dashboard. These necessary apps include Google Maps, Waze, most popular music apps, most popular chat apps, and more.


GasBuddy has to be there on your Android device if you are planning a long road trip. This app helps you stay updated about the nearby gas station, so you will not run out of fuel. The best part about this app is that it shows information about nearby gas stations and compares the price for you on different stations. These prices are usually updated by real people who have bought some fuel from that station, so you can rely on this app and save some bucks during the trip.

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

GPS Speedometer and Odometer is a good app to have stats about your trip. This app tracks your information on speed and distance traveled and then presents you with those relevant stats that can help plan your trips further, such as total covered distance, the time duration of travel, and the vehicle’s speed.

Lonely Planet apps

Lonely Planet has two apps to offer, which can enhance your experience of a road trip. The first app features various city guides, and recommendations, and a phrasebook for the local dialect. This app can guide you about more than 100 different cities of the world and become very helpful if you pass through any city listed on this app. Another app owned by the same company Lonely Planet is called Trips. This app allows you to share your experience in any city with your friends.

Google Maps

Google Maps has to be there on your phone if you are planning a road trip. It is a widely popular service used by millions of people every day for navigation. Google Maps assure that you are never lost on the way during your trip. Turn-by-turn navigation, offline use if needed, information about nearby places and spots are some of the many great features which this app packs.


Spotify is an app that you want to keep on your phone for sure if you are going on a road trip. Music makes it easy to travel on any road, and there are millions of songs available on this app for that purpose. You can always switch the genre of music according to your mood and have the best music served that pleases your ears and heart.

A road trip sounds like a great idea at any time, and you always want to have the best experience from it. Downloading useful and related apps on your phone is a part of the planning of your road trip. In this article, we have mentioned the best apps that will be your great companion throughout the journey and enhance your experience.

Source  :-  https://sofiejohn.wordpress.com/2020/10/23/you-must-keep-these-apps-on-your-phone-if-you-are-planning-a-road-trip/


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