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These Are the Best 5 Linux Laptops

Linux is one of the most popular computer operating systems in the world for security reasons. Linux users get a smooth experience of using their machines as it is a powerful operating system, and at the same time, their machines are also protected by unbreakable security. You might be surprised to know that the most powerful computer of NASA, the Pleiades, runs Linux, and the free availability of this OS makes it a popular choice among general users. Various brands manufacture computers loaded with Linux or featuring compatibility with the same, and HP, Dell, Asus, etc. are a few of those to name. Linux-compatible laptops produced by different brands vary in features and are available at different prices. The availability of these many options might confuse you if you are looking to buy a new Linux-based or compatible laptop, so we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed the best Linux compatible laptops available in the market. Let’s scroll down and find the right pick for you.

Dell XPS 15 9500 Laptop B0897WZSZ6

Dell XPS 15 9500 Laptop B0897WZSZ6 is one of the best laptops you can find when it comes to laptops that can run on Linux. This laptop comes with a 15.6 inches HDR400 display. Along with a stellar display, you will love this laptop when it comes to performance as well. This laptop features an Intel Core i7 10th Gen processor, which means the smoothest performance and 16GB RAM adds more to the seamlessness of this device. You can store a lot of data in the 1TB SSD storage provided in this device. Talking about this laptop’s design, slimmest bezels, enough room for typing, and the inclusion of strong, damage-resistant, and stylish Corning gorilla glass 6 are eye-catching features of this device. Windows 10 Pro comes preinstalled on this laptop. However, you can switch to Linux anytime. This laptop is suitable for those who will spend a lot of time working on it as the battery of this laptop can last up to 12 hours and 20 minutes.

Lambda Tensorbook Laptop B08FXYQHKL

You don’t need to look anywhere else if you are looking for a laptop on which Linux OS comes preinstalled. Lambda Tensorbook Laptop B08FXYQHKL is a machine that comes with 15.6 inches display and runs on Linux. Talking about the performance, this laptop features Intel Core i7-10875H 8 cores processor that gives you high performance, and 64GB RAM assists the processor in providing you an experience of using this device seamlessly. Despite the great performance, the very compact size of this laptop is an attractive feature of it. You can spend a lot of your time working on this machine as the battery can last up to 11 hours after charging it fully once. However, you may not like this laptop if you are looking for a laptop with in-built speakers and a webcam, but it still gives you the best value for your money. 

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 Ultra-Slim Laptop B07MNTPXGH

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 Ultra-Slim Laptop B07MNTPXGH is a 2-in-1 one product that will work for you like a laptop and tablet both. This laptop comes with a 14 inches touchscreen display, which can be flipped on 360 degrees. This laptop is powered by the modern AMD processor, which assures the smooth performance of this laptop, and it is assisted by 8GB RAM to make the functionality of this laptop smoother. There is more than sufficient, i.e., 256GB internal storage you get on this laptop. A lightweight aluminum body and a cool metallic surface for typing are worth mentioning features if we talk about this laptop’s design. This laptop comes preloaded with Windows, but you can switch to Linux anytime, as it is compatible with that. This compact laptop packs a powerful battery, and you can use it up to 13 hours and 30 minutes after charging fully once.  

Lenovo X1 Carbon ThinkPad Laptop B08BT1NWNL

If it is all about the battery power for you in a laptop, then Lenovo X1 Carbon ThinkPad Laptop B08BT1NWNL is the right pick for you. You get a screen size of 14 inches, along with some other notable specs like 8GB SDRAM, 10th generation hexa-core Core i7 processor, and up to 2 TB of SSD storage. Talking about the battery life, which is the biggest attraction about this device, is powerful enough to last up to 18 hours and 30 minutes. This laptop comes preloaded with Windows, but its compatibility with Linux makes it one of the best choices on our list of best Linux laptops.

HP 17 Business Laptop B07P761J2X

HP 17 Business Laptop B07P761J2X will be a fit choice for you if you prefer a laptop with a big screen and advanced specs. This laptop comes with a 17.3 inches display and packs a  powerful Intel Core i5-8265U processor. 16GB RAM is there to add more to the seamlessness of your device, along with sufficient storage for your essential files. This laptop runs Linux Mint, and you can spend long hours working, with a battery backup of up to 10 hours. In-built DVD-RW burner, HD 720p webcam, and spill-resistant backlit keyboard are notable features of this device.

There is nothing to beat the security of your machine if it is running Linux. Keeping this fact in mind, most laptop manufacturing companies are producing devices that are compatible with both Windows and Linux, and the latter can come in handy when it comes to sensitive data. In this article, we have listed the best Linux OS compatible laptops, and you can buy any of these according to your budget and needs.

I am Elina John a self-professed security expert. I have been making the people aware of security threats. My passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, the internet, and new media. I write for webroot security products at webroot.com/safe.

Source  :-  https://eyellowiki.com/blog/these-are-the-best-5-linux-laptops/

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