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29 декабря 2021 г. 13:33

Why do lip hair grow?

The reasons for the long lip hair can be roughly divided into three points, namely the endocrine problems and endocrine disorders mentioned above. The other two are hair on the lips caused by genes, and hair on the lips caused by shaving and plucking.

Among the three reasons for lip hair, endocrine disorders can be said to be the most difficult to remove, but at the same time it can be said to be the easiest to remove. The so-called difficulty is that the endocrine disorder is not disordered all at once. It must be caused by staying up late or eating junk food. These unhealthy lifestyles are not developed in one or two days, so it is really difficult to change.

But the lip hair caused by endocrine disorders is easy to remove. This is because once the endocrine disorders are adjusted, the lip hair will immediately disappear on its own. On the other hand, the genetic lip hairs and the lip hairs caused by self-scraping are difficult to disappear on their own, and the problem can only be solved by relying on external forces.

What are the ways to remove lip hair weight?

There are many methods for girls to remove lip hair. When we search on the Internet, we will find a large number of methods. Among them is the scraping method. Although this method is a method, it is not 脫唇毛. Because it is easy to cause the lip hair to grow all the time and the appearance of folliculitis and other undesirable conditions.

Some friends say that you can use hair removal cream. Although it sounds feasible, the lips are on the face and the face panel is relatively tender compared to other parts. The hair removal cream belongs to chemical hair removal, which is more or less irritating to the panel. If you use depilatory cream on your face, it is easy to cause side effects such as redness and acne on the panel. Therefore, it is not advisable for us to use hair removal cream.

The method of removing lip hair can only be locked in two methods: laser hair removal and lip cream.

Laser hair removal has to go to a regular beauty salon to operate, or you can use various household laser hair removal devices by yourself. In addition, use lip balm to remove it. Lip balm is a lotion that removes lip hair. This is used to moisturize the lips and hair, and I will explain it in detail in a future article.

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