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14 декабря 2021 г. 14:31

admitted to the hospital for tre...

From the time of admission to the hospital, it is necessary for the orientation desk to be able to quickly distinguish the severity of the condition and the general subspecialty to which the child should go, so as not to delay the child's condition.

Since children's physiology, psychology, pathology, pathogenesis, 兒科專科 and clinical manifestations may have their own peculiarities depending on their age, they lack the ability to make complaints, cannot cooperate with examination and treatment, and have fear of the hospital environment and medical staff.

1. Scarcity of positions.

As parents have become more concerned about their children's health in recent years, they may come to the hospital when their children are slightly unwell or to prevent their children from getting sick before each seasonal change, which may be designed in advance for effective prevention.

But pediatricians still exist or have a very important scarcity, each hospital's pediatric hospital may have a lot of deployment from other related departments, so most hospitals are still eager for pediatricians.

2. High requirements of the position.

Pediatric emergency medicine is characterized by rapid onset of illness, rapid changes in condition, and many accidents. The spectrum of illnesses is wide and the diseases are complex. The hospital has children of all ages from newborns to older children, and the disease may involve multiple systems, disciplines, and even infectious diseases.

This requires a wide range of knowledge, quick thinking and accurate judgement to lay the foundation for patient rescue.

Most pediatric diseases are seasonal and clustered. Due to climate change, pediatric emergencies have a certain seasonal pattern of onset.

For example, pneumonia occurs more often in winter and diarrhea in summer, so we need to prepare the necessary supplies for first aid according to these characteristics. Prevent illness before it happens.


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