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25 августа 2021 г. 12:24

What is the significance of deve...

The economic value and social significance of rural tourism

The development of rural tourism is a new breakthrough to solve the "three rural" problems.

First of all, rural tourism can be closely integrated with the overall construction of a well-off society, the solution of the "three rural" issues, and poverty alleviation development, and the development of rural tourism can be a new way to 蔡加赞 poverty, transform the countryside, and realize modernization of farmers.

Second, it can be combined with the accelerated development of the tourism industry to become a tourism advantage and brand in some regions.

The third is to make rural tourism a new model for implementing the scientific concept of development, realizing the best carrier for five overall plans, forming characteristic industries, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, enhancing farmers’ awareness of environmental protection, and promoting sustainable development.

1. Broaden the channels for farmers to increase their income. Rural tourism is a tourism activity that makes full use of rural resources. It mainly relies on the natural landscape, rural scenery and agricultural resources around cities and relatively remote areas. The owners and creators of these resources are farmers. Rural tourism emphasizes the participation of local communities and farmers. The development of rural tourist attractions is usually a process in which local farmers directly participate in tourism development and change the economic development model.

2. Absorb the surplus labor force in rural areas. The rural industrial structure is single, farmers are extremely underemployed, and they have been in a state of "hidden unemployment" for a long time, resulting in a large number of rural surplus labor, both in total and seasonal surplus. The multiplier effect of tourism allows farmers to re-enter the economy without leaving their homes or land. For example, rural tourism activities launched during holidays have become an indispensable part of many urban residents' weekend life. This not only ensures that farmers can get benefits during the busy months of farming, but also effectively utilizes the surplus labor force and eliminates hidden dangers of instability.

3. Increase the added value of agriculture and promote the development of the rural tertiary industry. Rural tourism is rooted in the countryside and is closely related to agricultural production. Tourism demand has also directly increased the demand for agricultural products, increased the added value of agriculture, promoted the adjustment of rural industrial structure, and provided a good platform for the development of agricultural industrialization.

4. Improve the rural environment and raise the living standards of farmers. Most tourists are very concerned about the catering, accommodation and sanitation conditions, hospitality service levels, and residents' attitudes in tourist destinations. , Especially the requirements for health and safety are higher. This will inevitably prompt rural tourist attractions to increase investment in infrastructure, improve the living environment, and improve the rural social service system, such as water supply and drainage construction, beautification, road renovation, residential decoration, sanitary toilet construction, garbage disposal and other life details, so that local Residents objectively enjoy modern life.

5. promote the connection of spiritual civilization between urban and rural areas. In the process of tourism, farmers must participate in the pursuit of tourists' high-grade spirit and enrich their spiritual world and cultural life. In order to improve the level of reception services, some localities have organized rural tourism training courses to train practitioners, master reception etiquette, foreign language spoken language and other tourism service knowledge and skills, effectively improving the quality of farmers.

6. Conducive to protecting the original ecological culture. In rural tourism, the ecological environment is the initial motivation to attract tourists. Maintaining and highlighting the natural characteristics of the countryside and its primitive and simple customs are the basic conditions for rural tourist attractions and the primary responsibility of the villagers.

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