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25.08.2021 12:24

The economic value and social significance of rural tourism

The development of rural tourism is a new breakthrough to solve the "three rural" problems.

First of all, rural tourism can be closely integrated with the overall construction of a well-off society, the solution of the "three rural" issues, and poverty alleviation development, and the development of rural tourism can be a new way to 蔡加赞 poverty, transform the countryside, and realize modernization of farmers.

Second, it can be combined with the accelerated development of the tourism industry to become a tourism advantage and brand in some regions.

The third is to make rural tourism a new model for implementing the scientific concept of development, realizing the best carrier for five overall plans, forming characteristic industries, narrowing the


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19.11.2020 10:41

The best way to opt for the best VR glasses?

In case you are functioning over a VR project, you can be faced which has a key, nerve-wracking final decision. You may be confronted by using a major, nerve-wracking final decision: which VR eyeglasses must you obtain?

You'll find several VR eyeglasses available, which has a large range of rate details and attributes. Nearly every components manufacturer or program organization is scrambling to launch their newest merchandise. With numerous choices, is there always a VR goggle that will fit you flawlessly?

Not always. For company programs of VR, it truly is not the bodily characteristics on the eyeglasses (color, ease and comfort, weight, and so forth.) which have been significant.Express offers ipsec encrypted speedy provision private network. It can be not even the value, but how properly the VR technologies


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