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26 апреля 2022 г. 09:26

Easy Steps To Use Cricut Iron On Vinyl

Have you ever desired to use Cricut Iron on Vinyl but did not have information on how to get started? We are here to give you information about this. You all have to do it; read this blog carefully. We will show you the easiest steps to cut and apply Iron-On Vinyl with the Cricut machine. We are also here to give you our best tricks and tips so that you get amazing results every time.

Cricut Iron on Vinyl works amazingly with the widest kind of base materials, having wood. Complex designs are easy to cut with your Cricut device, and you will weed with simpler to prep for smooth application. Cricut Iron on Vinyl is one of the fabulous and popular materials for crafting. You can utilize the Iron-On vinyl to create all types of projects, such as canvas tote bags, custom vinyl, hats, and so much more things. But if you are new to Cricut, Iron-On vinyl can be a little irritating. If you want to create an amazing project with Iron-On vinyl using your Cricut machine, then read this blog.

What Is The Meaning Of Cricut Iron On Vinyl?

Let’s begin at the very starting with a little bit of information about Cricut Iron on Vinyl itself. It is a special kind of material with a heat-activated adhesive. This is sometimes called HTV or heat-transfer viny. You can utilize iron-on vinyl on a range of materials, including paper, metal, fabric, and even wood. To apply iron-on to your design, you will press this with a heat source, such as Cricut Easy Press or household iron.

Iron-on vinyl is a soft and thin, flexible material that comes in pre-cut rolls and sheets. When you take a look very closely, then you find that Cricut Iron on Vinyl is made of two surfaces: a clear plastic backing and a colorful vinyl layer. To tell these two surfaces apart, take a look at the sheen of each side. You will see a shiny side and a dull side. The shiny side is the clear plastic carrier sheet, and the dull side is the vinyl.

Types Of Cricut Iron-on Vinyl

Cricut Iron on Vinyl comes in a huge variety of finishes and colors. You can buy iron-on vinyl in various types as it is available in rainbow colors, finishes, and patterns. Even it is available in glitter and metallic foil. This is available to buy in rolls, sheets, and packs. Given below a few of the different types of iron-on vinyl:

Sportflex Iron-On:

Sportflex Iron-On is lightweight, thin, and created to flex and stretch on activewear fabrics like nylon and polyester.

Glitter Iron-On:

Glitter Iron-On has a glittery, shimmery effect in a variety of different colors.

Holographic Iron-On:

Holographic Iron-On has a very fantastic and eye-catching multi-color finish that changes in the light.

Foil Iron-On:

Foil Iron-On has a reflective, shiny finish in a variety of metallic colors.

Patterned Iron-On:

Patterned Iron-On comes in a massive variety of classic and trendy patterns.

Smart Iron-On:

Smart Iron-On can be trim or cut without a mat with the help of Cricut Explore 3Cricut Maker 3, and Cricut Joy models.

What Material Requires for Making Iron-On Vinyl

  • Cricut Design Space on mobile or computer device, or Cricut Joy app.
  • Standard Grip machine mat.
  • Cricut Everyday Iron-On.
  • Iron-On protective sheet.
  • Cricut Easy PressCricut Auto pressCricut Hat press, heat press, or household iron.
  • Cricut Smart cutting device.
  • Cricut Heat App or Cricut Heat guide.
  • Premium Fine Point blade or Fine Point.
  • Weeder
  • Base material or equipment.

Steps To Use Cricut Iron on Vinyl

You have to carefully follow all the given steps to use the Cricut Iron on Vinyl:

1. Preparation

  1. You have to pre-wash fabric base materials or equipment without fabric softener to pre-shrink and clean the chemicals that may prohibit strong adhesion.
  2. Suggested: To verify trim or cut setting, perform a test cut having a small basic shape.
  3. Suggested: To inspect the application setting, apply a test cut in an unimposing area on the base material.
  4. Find your pressing layer. If it is flat, firm, and around waist-high, you’re golden. You have to make sure to avoid flimsy ironing boards.

2. Design, Weed, and Cut

  1. Choose and size your design in the software. Make sure to Mirror your mats before cutting if you are using Design Space. In the Cricut Joy app, the Mirror is automatically enabled when you choose a heat transfer metal.
  2. Choose ‘Everyday Iron-On’ from the given list of materials.
  3. If you are utilizing a Cricut Explore device, turn the smart set dial to custom.
  4. Locate the Iron-On sheet, liner side down, onto Cricut Standard Grip cutting mat.
  5. If utilizing Smart Iron-On with the Cricut Joy, it may be loaded into the device without a mat.
  1. Load it into the device and cut your design.
  2. And when the cut is complete, weed your photos or images.

3. Apply

  1. Preheat base material or equipment as given in our Cricut Heat app or Heat Guide.
  2. Locate the cut design or project on the base material with the shiny liner side up. Apply heat as given.
  3. Move the base material over and apply heat to the back of the project or design as mentioned.
  4. Take a cool peel to use to remove the liner.


Can you iron it on with the help of Cricut vinyl?

A normal iron works well when you’re using Cricut Iron on Vinyl. But it is definitely a very useful machine and worth investing in if you use a lot of HTV in your daily life. Compared to a normal iron, the Easy Press machine heats to the exact correct temperature and will heat your design or project evenly all the way through.

Which side of the Cricut Iron on Vinyl moves down?

During working with the heat transfer vinyl, the shiny layer of the material always moves face down for cutting. This shiny layer is called the “carrier.” It covers the face (the colored layer that will face out on the garment) of the HTV and carries the cut parts in alignment at the time of cutting and applying.

Is the heat transfer vinyl device the same as iron-on vinyl?

A heat transfer vinyl device, also known as t-shirt vinyl, iron-on vinyl, or HTV, is a special kind of vinyl that can adhere to the fabric objects. This is different than adhesive vinyl rolls and sheets, which are sticky from the onset. The adhesive on the vinyl is enabled with heat. This vinyl comes in rolls, packs, and sheets.

Visit: cricut.com/setup 

Source: https://cricutusasetonpc.com/easy-steps-to-use-cricut-iron-on-vinyl/ 

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