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iPad is one of the most popular and commonly used devices, designed by Apple, which is a well-known tech firm. Apple has always been well known for providing the best products and services to its users worldwide. And the iPad definitely covers some excellent functionalities that anyone can use to maximize their experience. Anyone can easily use this Apple device to perform any task. Also, the company releases updates for its operating system at regular intervals. And iPadOS 15 was released back in the month of June. This updated iPadOS version also provides its users with many great features that will help them boost up their productivity levels. Within the iPadOS 15 version, there are some options that are enabled by default. For instance, the split-screen feature is enabled by default in iPadOS 15.

Split-screen has now become a common option that you can find within other smart devices as well. It is a great functionality that enables you to multitask on your devices. With the help of the following feature, you can view two apps simultaneously on your Apple tablet. Enabling the split-screen mode on an iPad is much straightforward and effortless for anyone. But what if you don’t want to use it and wish to disable it? Do you know how to turn off the split-screen option on iPadOS 15? Want to know how to do so? You must read this entire post if you wish to get the methods for disabling the feature on your iPad running the iOS 15 version.

Turning off split screen on iPad running iOS 15

It is a much simpler and easy task to disable the split-screen mode on an iPad with the iOS 15 version. While there are many useful ways to use split-screen on an iPad, there are still some users who don't prefer to use this feature. There can be multiple reasons why you want to disable the functionality. But it doesn't matter whatever the reason is; you will be able to turn off the split screen on your iPad running iOS 15 by following a simple procedure that we have mentioned here. You must go through the instructions mentioned in the technique to accomplish the task. So, it's time to get to the method, following which you will be able to disable the split-screen mode on your iPad with the iOS 15 version.

Instructions for disabling the split-screen mode on iPadOS 15

Here are the steps that you will have to follow to turn off the split-screen mode on iPad running iOS 15:

  • First of all, you will have to launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • After launching the app, scroll down through your screen and choose the option of “General.”
  • After you get to the General Settings section, you will have to scroll down to select the option of “Multitasking and Dock.”
  • Now, you will notice a toggle button located next to the option of “Allow Multiple Apps.” You will need to turn off that toggle switch to disable the split view on your iOS device running iOS15. And that's all.

So, this is all one will have to do to turn off the split view on an iPad with iOS 15. Try the technique right away to disable the functionality on your iOS device. And please take a tour of our website to read more posts.

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Source: https://mcafle.com/blog/heres-how-you-can-get-rid-of-split-screen-on-ipados15 

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