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13 октября 2021 г. 09:53, США Смотреть на карте


 Spectralink is a pre-eminent company in the field of mobile technology. It has also received accolades and awards for its customer-centric services. The company has been attributed for its role in changing the way people think about working and communicating and how it has carried itself for more than thirty years.

Spectralink boosts up customers and its clients and inspires them with an unassailable determination to achieve what can be achieved. Depending upon the requirement of its customers and clients, Spectralink can be found everywhere in any role. Spectralink is known for providing best-in-class, enterprise-grade, and curated smartphone-related solutions. The company is also regarded as the best company whose motto is to make mobility work. Spectralink puts the impetus on its customers and employees, passion, and strive for innovation.

A recent report has arrived on the world wide web suggesting that the prominent company has managed to embed zoom phone with its mobile devices (enterprise-grade) natively.

Several reports related to Spectralink were trending on the internet because the company has recently made an announcement. The company has revealed that it has now received certification from Zoom Video Communication, Inc for its smartphone devices (enterprise-grade) regarding Zoom phones.

The mobile headsets and the telephone infrastructure of Spectralink in conjunction with Versity mobile devices allow cloud-based memory storage, enterprise-scale deployments, and cyberspace of partner applications that tether different users together.

The company has ensured connectivity, a seamless communication environment, favor collaboration, and timely review for its front-end employees using zoom video solutions. It has happened due to the integration between zoom phone certification and Spectralink’s phones (enterprise-graded).

Both Spectralink and Zoom have joined hands to take things forward collectively. People are saying this has happened in the view of the company transitioning to UCaas offering and cloud storage infrastructure. Andy Allison has also made a statement and has added that since Spectralink makes mobility workable, it will work with Zoom phone.

Andy Allison is the Vice President of the marketing department of Spectralink and head of the products department. In his statements, he hinted that the work culture at Spectralink would indeed work in favor of Zoom as well. He further added that everyone at Spectralink is the product to see the introduction of a brand-new suite of communication tools.

The company will try to satisfy the customers of Zoom phones, fulfilling their needs. He also shared that zoom phone certification has countless redundant solutions based on smartphone devices and voice integration methodology in Versity cellular devices.

Some tech websites are quite upbeat after this deal as it will only make sure that the customers have more reliability and transcendental voice quality. Spectralink is a dark horse in the tech industry and has decades of experience and expertise in cellular engineering devices and other purpose-built tech products.

On the other hand, Zoom is a prominent brand in the voice communication field and has a high reputation in the industry. A representative of Zoom, Graeme Geddes, the leading figure in the Zoom Phone and Rooms, also made a statement and said that his company is delighted to work with Spectralink to ensure upgraded experience in remote communication courtesy of a standard VOIP solution.


Spectralink Devices will be combined with zoom phone as the former has received certification from Zoom Video Communication. Both the companies have years of experience in their domains, and collaboration would only benefit the user-base in terms of a much-improved communication and a more enhanced VOIP solution.

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Source: https://25digitmcafeeactivationcode.linktvroku.com/spectralink-devices-have-now-received-zoom-phone-certification-upgraded-wireless-experience/

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