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13 октября 2021 г. 09:52, США Смотреть на карте

How is the Latest Algorithm from Google Extremely Non-Profitable for Your Busine

In marketing, people always say that hiding is not necessarily a good strategy unless you are a character in a Star War film. If you are starting a business or have established yourself for some time now, disappearing from the mainstream spotlight is not going to help your business in any way. Being seen helps you in enhancing your invisibility and revenue. However, how do you figure out you are invisible?

Some people do not even know that they have gone out of relevance, but there is a way to figure that out. You should look at your website on your smartphone device and observe whether the text and pictures you have posed appear way too small. Furthermore, if you have no recollection of the last time you had attempted to update your domain website, then there is a high possibility that you most definitely have gone out of relevance.

Yes, going out of relevance means that you have slipped back a couple of pages on the search engine result, and you have become virtually invisible. On the other hand, your competitors might be more focused and up to date with their website and might have comprehensively jumped in the Google search engine results.

As you already know, search engine results, especially for Google, is one of the parameters from which the success of the companies and digital marketers can be measured. In everyday language, it is always said that the Google search results are the Holy Grail for all influences, digital influencers, and companies.

Up until August 2021, it was believed that Google was still working on transferring websites to Mobile First, but the digital experts had predicted that the process could take as long as December 2021.

So, why this all of a sudden? Well, all the avid users of the internet know that Google is not a company that will follow the trends. It is, in fact, a tech giant that believes in setting trends rather than following a trend. Now, the latest mandate, commonly referred to as the “Mobile First,” will further develop and continue the process they had begun initially back in 2015. If you can remember, in 2015, Google recommended all the websites to become “mobile-friendly” to propel themselves towards further organic growth.

Now, come back to 2021, approximately 55 percent of the total number of websites available on the internet can be accessed through mobile phones on a worldwide basis. It had gone up from 31 percent before the tech giant issued a proclamation back in 2015.

Taking the latest “Mobile First” effort from Google, readers can further understand the extent of the change they have introduced. Now, since over 50 percent of the websites have become available on smartphones, the Googlebot has been reprogrammed to automatically scan and index websites and web pages.

Although Google had made it clear that the “Mobile First” mandate is only applicable for newer websites, some keen observers have figured out that even older websites have come into the radar of the “Mobile First” mandate.

In the previous approach from tech giants, it was observed that programmers were focusing their efforts on enhancing the speeds of these websites while they get launched. This emphasis on loading speed has been further accentuated by the project called “Accelerated Mobile Project.” The project aims to preload some parts in the end-user device, which will significantly enhance the loading speed of the new websites.

You can even test this. Before clicking on a website, observe the acronym “AMP.” The websites, which have “AMP” as initials usually have enhanced loading speeds.


If you are a marketing influencer or earn money via monetization of a website, you should always be relevant. Now, Google is focusing all of its efforts on smartphone devices through the “Mobile First” mandate. So, it has become imperative for users to follow all necessary steps to gain more organic search engine results by following the mandate. Furthermore, via AMP, Google also has plans to improve the loading speed of the websites.

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Source: https://officecomsetup365.ukwhere.com/how-is-the-latest-algorithm-from-google-extremely-non-profitable-for-your-business/

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