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How to Fix HP Printer Code 02 Error

Dealing with HP error code 02 is terrible for any HP printer user. It is a fundamental error that an HP printer user may face anytime. This printer error is usually caused by software issues, communication issues, and firmware defects. In this blog, we have explained the procedure to solve the HP printer code 02 error. Now, it’s time to determine how to fix the HP printer code 02 error in a just simple method.

What is the Cause Behind Error Code 02?

Usually, the HP printer error code 02 is a technical error that does not allow the printer to process the files correctly. Most of the time, the HP printer is unable to interpret the files. One can fix the error by pursuing the instructions provided below.

Use the “Cancel Job” to Erase the Memory

You have to press the “Cancel Job” button on your printer. It will guide you in cleaning the printer. After that, you must switch off the printer by using the power key; then, you have to wait for some time. Now switch it on to see if the HP printer error code 02 is fixed or not.

Print with Another Software

There are a few printing apps that may not be supported with the HP printer. Once the compatibility does not meet the prerequisites, the HP printer may perform unpredictably and get the error code 02. You should locate the supported program for the HP printer. Now, check the printing test using a different app. If it works correctly and causes the HP printer not to appear an error message, utilize the same program for the HP printer.

Opt for the Power-Cycle Process

This is the most common error that happens to all HP printers. In case you utilize an HP printer, you require to understand the power-cycle process. It can verify whether you would like to resolve the HP printer error code 02. You have to detach the power cables, and connections connected to the HP printer and reboot it after a while. It may solve the error, and it is an easy but effective resolution. 

Delete DIMMs from the HP Printer

To get started, you must switch off the HP printer and delete every DIMMs and all the third-party DIMMs from the HP printer. After doing this, it will delete all printing memories. After that, you must keep only firmware DIMMs and delete the EIO devices before switching on the printer.

This is suggested to install all the DIMMs and EIO devices while switching off your printer. Finally, turn on the printer by using the power button and begin printing. Now, you will delete the error code 02 on the HP printer.

Delete the Hard Drive of your Printer

One more resolution to repair this error. The hard drive does the role of saving memory. Once few errors come in the Hard drive, it begins displaying it over the screen. If you would like to solve the error, you can delete the printer’s hard drive and install the different hard drives to check whether the issue exists with the printer’s hard drive or not.

Delete the JetDirect-Network Card

First and foremost, switch off the HP printer and remove the network card. After that, you require to switch on the printer once again. If there is any fault you get with the Network Card, the error will be fixed now.

Perform Factory Reset

One more common solution to repair any error is the factory reset because performing factory reset does a brilliant job of deleting all the damaged files and removing their residues. One can run a factory reset and solve the error code 02 instantly.

Disable Advanced Printing Settings

If you are struggling to turn off the Advance printing settings, you can pursue the directions mentioned below:

  1. First and foremost, you should select the ‘Windows Logo Printers’ option.
  2. After that, click on the ‘Printer Queue’ option.
  3. You should select the ‘printing preference’ option.
  4. After that, you can view the ‘Advanced Option’ and select it.
  5. Now, reach the ‘Advanced Printing Features’ option and select it from the ‘Document.’
  6. Later, you can click on it to disable it.
  7. Finally, test the print quality. If there is no error, the issue has finally gone.

The error code 02 messages may appear anytime and may cause your Canon printer to malfunction. By following the step-by-step instructions above, a Canon printer user can easily quickly get rid of the errors. We hope the solutions are helpful.

Visit: 123.hp.com/setup

Source: https://123setupcom123hp.souqbel.com/how-to-fix-hp-printer-code-02-error/

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