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Convert a Laptop into a Full-Fledged Desktop

 Do you wish to use a desktop instead of your laptop to enhance your productivity and comfort? If yes, you don’t necessarily need to buy a desktop computer, as you can turn your laptop into a complete desktop. If you have a powerful laptop, you can change it to a desktop whenever you need to use it as a desktop.

How is a desktop different compared to a laptop? The significant difference is that the desktop provides you a perfect monitor, dedicated keyboard and mouse, and more connectivity options. A laptop is a cardboard-sized computer with a foldable display. You don’t have a dedicated mouse and keyboard on a laptop, and you have fewer connectivity options.


Technically you can get a desktop’s major benefits with your laptop as well. All you need is some accessories and an excellent setup to convert your laptop into an ideal desktop. This article will help you learn how you can transform your laptop into a desktop using some accessories.


So what’s the wait? Let’s get started.


Transforming Laptops into Desktops

Step 1: Get a Monitor for Your Laptop

The very first thing that you will need is an adjustable monitor to connect with your laptop. This will provide you with more screen real state, and you will also be able to adjust the screen as per your requirement. Furthermore, a dedicated display will give you overall better display quality. Please buy a compatible monitor for your laptop so that you don’t have to use your laptop’s small and non-adjustable display.


While buying a monitor for your laptop, make sure it has perfect connectivity options such as HDMI or other cable connectivity. Also, make sure to purchase the connectivity cables when you buy the monitor. If your laptop only has a USB-C port and doesn’t provide a dedicated display port, you will need to get a USB-C to HDMI converter cable.


Purchasing the monitor isn’t enough, and you will also have to configure your monitor with your laptop. You will have to connect the monitor physically to your laptop. And also, make sure that the monitor is placed on a perfect height.


When the physical setup is done, you will need to turn on your laptop and make sure to configure the display settings on the laptop to get an excellent resolution and aspect ratio on the monitor.


To configure display settings on Windows 10, directly right-click on the desktop screen, select the Display Settings option, and change relevant settings.


To change display settings on Mac, navigate to system preferences and theen click the displays option. There you can configure the settings for your secondary display.


Once you have completed the setup for the monitor, check the next step.



Step 2: Install Mouse and Keyboard

Some people may not understand why they need to purchase a dedicated mouse and keyboard even though their laptop has a trackpad and keypad. An additional keyboard and mouse will help you to operate your device more comfortably and effectively. Furthermore, a dedicated keyboard will allow you to find the best position for your fingers to type effectively. The mouse will help you to access the cursor on your laptop far more efficiently than a trackpad. If you need to work for long durations, you should get a dedicated mouse as well. It will decrease the overall fatigue you get due to using the trackpad on your fingers. Trackpads are also sometimes very inconvenient to use. A wireless keyboard and mouse will be even more beneficial for you.


Step 3: Install a Dock

Connectivity hubs, USB hubs, and docks will provide your laptop with more connectivity options and ports. You will be able to multiply your USB ports, which are very crucial for connecting multiple devices to your computer. A dock or hub will allow you to connect various USB drives, a mouse, and other devices effectively that you cannot do on your laptop alone.


Desktops come with more connectivity ports than laptops, but you can overcome that problem using a dock session on your laptop.


Step 4: Use a laptop stand

The laptop stand will help you adjust your laptop’s height so that it can work as a monitor. If you are not interested in buying a dedicated monitor, you can go for a laptop stand. This will save you tons of money, and you will enjoy a desktop-like experience with your laptop.


We hope the steps we have mentioned in this article helped you use your laptop as a desktop. Thank you for visiting our website.


Visit: ij.start.canon



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