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7 июля 2021 г. 15:08, США Смотреть на карте

Facing E04 or E05 on Your Canon Printer

Canon is a highly popular name in the arena of printer manufacturers the world over. It has garnered a good customer base and is currently the world’s renowned printer manufacturer. As a printer is a machine, it may often run into errors. We have discussed the Canon printer error codes E04 and E05 below and the great solutions to bypass these errors. Let’s first understand the causes behind these error codes.

Why does a Canon Printer Display the Errors E04 and E05?

If your Canon printer displays one of these error codes, you do not need to get worried! The problem generally occurs when a Canon printer fails to detect the installed cartridges. To help you better understand the problem, we have listed the causes below.

  1. If the clogged print head may cause the occurrence of the error code on a Canon printer.
  2. If your ink cartridges do not contain sufficient ink, one of these two errors may occur on your Canon printer.
  3. The use of third-party or non-branded cartridges on a Canon printer may cause one of these errors.

Note: To help you better understand the issue, we have explained the causes behind the emergence of the errors. Now is the time to take a look at the methods to clear the errors.

Methods to Bypass the Error Codes E04 and E05 Quickly

If you want to get rid of the error codes E04 and E05, follow the step-by-step instructions below. Let’s get started.

Solution 1

The first thing a printer user should do is to check if the ink cartridges on his/her Canon printer belong to the third-party manufacturer or Canon. If the cartridges belong to the third-party manufacturer, you may encounter any one of these error codes on a Canon printer. To avoid the occurrence of both of these error codes, install the ink cartridges manufactured by Canon. The use of cartridges manufactured by Canon will remove these errors. If you encounter errors even after installing the genuine ink cartridges, try out the solution below.

Solution 2

If your Canon printer displays one of the mentioned error codes, fix them by putting the provided steps into action. Follow these steps:

  1. First and foremost, you need to turn off the Canon printer and disconnect the power cable from the power supply and leave it in the absence of power.
  2. Open the cover that encloses the ink cartridges.
  3. After you have opened the cover, you now need to pull the cartridges out of the Canon printer carefully.
  4. You need to check if the cartridges have sufficient ink.
  5. Now, take a look at the printhead nozzles and check if the printhead nozzles are not clogged.
  6. If they seem to be clogged, you need to wipe it using a cloth so that it becomes unclogged.
  7. If the printhead gets damaged, replace the cartridge with a new one as a new cartridge has a new printhead.
  8. Applying the steps provided above will help a Canon printer user remove the errors.

Solution 3

We have explained two quick solutions above to remove these errors. If the solutions above do not fix the errors on your Canon printer, try out the third effective solution below. Now is the time to carry out the step-by-step procedure. Follow the steps:

  1. In order to begin the troubleshooting process, you need to turn off your Canon printer.
  2. When your Canon printer is off, you should pull out the ink cartridges after opening the cover.
  3. You may see a golden chip located on the ink cartridges.
  4. Keep in mind that the golden chip is called the “Contact area.” We ask you to clean the area gently using a soft cotton cloth.
  5. Having cleaned the contact area, you now need to reinstall the cartridges on the Canon printer.
  6. Turn the printer on.
  7. Try printing a page to see if the existing issue is resolved.

Prevent These Errors from Emerging on a Canon Printer

To prevent these annoying error codes from emerging on your Canon printer, follow the instructions:

  • Make sure to use only branded cartridges on your Canon printer.
  • Keep the printhead nozzles clean or clean them once a week if possible.
  • Ensure that the cartridges have sufficient ink.

Note: If the problem seems difficult to fix, we ask you not to get into trouble by following the instructions mentioned above. We recommend you contact a Canon printer expert in such a situation.


The purpose of the article was to introduce you to the solutions to bypass the errors E04 and E05. One can get rid of these errors by following the steps explained in the article. We hope these effective solutions put these errors to an end.

Visit: canon.com/ijsetup

Source: https://luzelectronicsandtechnology.wordpress.com/2021/07/07/facing-e04-or-e05-on-your-canon-printer-fix-them-quickly/

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