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Facing Brother Printer Errors 43 and 46

As error codes 43 and 46 are common on a Brother printer, you should learn how to fix them before they occur on your Brother printer. In the article, we have discussed the solutions to both of these errors in detail. The error code 43 may annoy a Brother printer user and affect the printing jobs. Apart from the error code 43, we have mentioned the solutions to rectify the error code E58 on a Brother printer. If you ever see any of these errors, the mentioned steps into action to get rid of the error codes. To know more, read below.

Why Does a Brother Printer User Encounter the Error Code 43?

Once you become aware of the reasons for the error code, sorting it out will be a simple thing for you. The error code 43 is generally caused due to the paper or any foreign object stuck inside the Brother printer. We have shared the solutions below to help you fix the error. Go through the instructions carefully to rectify the error.

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Quick Process to Sort Out the Error Code 43

The appearance of the error code 43 may occur on your Brother printer and affect the user experience. If the error code 43 ever pops up on your Brother printer, follow the instructions mentioned below:

Solution 1

Below is a detailed procedure to help Brother printer users fix the error code 43. Follow the steps:

  1. The first thing a Brother printer user has to do is to place the brother printer in a safe and secure area.
  2. Make sure that you turn it off and remove the cables from the power supply.
  3. Open the printer cover holding both sides of the printer cover gently.
  4. After lifting the printer cover, you need to open the scanner cover into the open position.
  5. When you lift the cover, you will see an arm situated on the printer.
  6. Now, check if there are paper scraps inside.
  7. The paper stuck inside the Brother printer may affect the functioning of your Brother printer.
  8. Removing the paper jam will fix the error code 43.

Solution 2

In case the solution given above does not work, try out this effective solution. Follow the steps:

  1. Place the Brother printer at a place.
  2. Turn off the printer and detach the power cables and USB cable from your Brother printer.
  3. Now, open the printer cover carefully.
  4. Check any foreign object inside the printer.
  5. Use a blower to clean the printer.
  6. Take out the ink cartridges and reinstall them well.
  7. Make sure that all the cartridges have sufficient ink.
  8. When all these steps are complete, the problem will be fixed.
  9. You can now print the documents.

Note: The instructions are for those who have the technical knowledge and are well aware of printer parts. If a new Brother printer user should avoid trying out these steps, it may lead to a serious problem. Contact Brother printer experts.

Primary Reason Behind the Error Code 46

The error code 46 may occur when the ink absorber is full. One can rectify the error by following the instructions given below. To learn how to fix the error code 46, read below.

Solutions to Fix the Error Code 46

We have shared the solutions to fix the error code 46; read below.

Solution 1

Follow these instructions:

  1. First and foremost, unplug the power cord from the Brother printer.
  2. Hold down the Start button on your Brother printer.
  3. Keeping the button pressed will bring your Brother printer to maintenance mode.
  4. Your printer screen should now display the “Maintenance” message on the screen.
  5. Hold down the Start button and unplug the power cord from the power supply.
  6. Leave your printer in the same way for about 10 minutes.
  7. Reconnect the cables and turn on your Brother printer.
  8. Check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 2

  1. Resetting the error code will fix error code 46. Follow the steps:
  2. Press as well as hold the Power button until the printer turns off.
  3. After that, press down the GO button to turn on the printer.
  4. Continue pressing the button until the LED lights turn on.
  5. As you release the GO button, the lights will be off.
  6. Now, press the GO button ten times. Doing so will reset the printer.
  7. The process would make the error go away.

Note: If you have tried out the solutions discussed above but couldn’t fix the error, contact a printer expert in such a case. We ask you not to get into trouble unless you have good technical knowledge about printers.

Conclusion In the article, we have described various methods to fix error codes 43 and 46. Anyone can get rid of these errors with the help of the provided methods. We hope Brother printer users find these methods helpful.

Visit: setup.brother.com


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