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7 июня 2021 г. 14:14, США Смотреть на карте

Atomic force microscopy

While the likes of Elon Musk and NASA are busy building plans for Mars and further space exploration, incredible work is being done at the quantum level by scientists. A microscope created with a sublime design has created a world record as it has captured atoms with an incredible resolution. It was in the year 2018 when researchers of Cornell had created a detector operating on high power. And, the detector working in conjunction with a process called ptychography had created a world record a few years ago by exceeding the capability of another incredible microscope by three folds. It is a state-of-art achievement, and in case you didn’t know anything about ptychography beforehand, you can just understand that it is a computation method used for quantum imaging and is driven by an algorithm. The process of ptychography happens when scientists scan for overlapping scattering regions in the material and then analyze the alterations in the overlapping areas. 

Though the procedure was neat, the method did have some flaws of its own. The experiment could only provide adequate results with atoms that were merely a few atoms thick. When the scientists attempted to employ a thicker material, the electrons started to scatter away irreversibly and without any possibility of getting disentangled once again. The experiment fell apart with thicker materials. 

However, now a group of scientists, including David Muller, who is a Professor of Engineering, have bettered the world record created by them, doubling the resolution achieved by the previous experiment done with ptychography. They used something called “EMPAD” (which is an acronym for Electron Microscope Pixel Array Detector) that assimilates further advanced 3D re-imaging technologies. 

A picture is available on the internet, which you can see for yourself, and also the one shared by Cornell University in which we can see atoms of PrScO3 crystals zoomed in 100 million times. 

The resolution is breathtaking and is fine-tuned to the extent that the only thing that looks blurred is the thermal wriggling of the atoms, which scientists could have done nothing about. 

The group of boffins has published a paper titled “Electron Ptychography Achieves Atomic Resolution Limits Set by Lattice Vibrations,” on Thursday, May the 20th, in the journal called “Science.” The lead author of the paper is none other than Zhen Chen, having a post-doctorate degree, and is slowly becoming a well-known figure in the scientific industry.

David Muller also released a statement in which he said that the high-resolution imaging of the atoms achieved by their microscope not only establishes a world record but has also touched a domain of resolution that can put a limit to the human capability of achieving a resolution. He added that through their achievement, scientists could determine where atoms are located exactly in the crystal. And, it also offers them various opportunities for measurements that researchers of Quantum mechanics had only dreamt of and which they had hoped for a while. He also expounded the fact that their achievement also provides a solution to a very old problem, i.e., reversing the multiple scattering of the beam of electrons on a sample, an idea which was first laid out by Hans Bethe. He shared that multiple scattering had always proven to be a massive resistance for them in achieving this resolution. 

Muller added that their object in the experiment was to go after speckle patterns that look akin to that of small laser patterns that intrigue some of the past cats. And, he explained that by analyzing the patterns, he and his team could determine what shape had caused the pattern, and thereby they can create a high-resolution 3D reconstruction of atoms. 

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Source: https://selenanormandfreeblogs.wordpress.com/2021/06/07/splendid-microscope-device-can-snap-atoms-at-a-record-breaking-resolution/

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