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1 июня 2021 г. 14:25, США Смотреть на карте

google play developer

Like other tech giants, Google is also looking to introduce some changes as it is all prepared to enable all the Android app developers to promote their applications on desktop search.

It is needless to say that the competition between app developers distributing their work on Google Play Store is increasing at a breakneck speed and it will continue to do so. The increasing competition has been attributed to the vast number of applications that get rolled out on the Google Play Store. Presently, Google Play Store has a collection of a total of 3 million applications and employs over 700,000 app developers. Therefore, it is understood that the strive of developers to make their work top-rated is going to be an uphill task. With such a vast volume of applications being used on an everyday basis, sometimes it can get tricky for app developers to get their work seen and recognized. And, if the developer is working on very low resources and he doesn’t have apt tools and resources to market his product, there is a possibility that hardly anyone will download his application.

Now, Google has taken cognizance of this issue and is planning to introduce some changes so that some low-key app developers will get a fair window of opportunities in the market. They have conjured some well-devised plans and creative tools to help these developers advertise their products and make more money through the Google platform.

One of the primary tools that Google is planning to release soon will be an Ad campaign customized for desktop Google search. However, it must be stated that an Ad campaign feature is already included in Google’s ecosystem of applications. The feature called “Ad campaign” employs technologies such as machine learning and AI to enhance and better the ad campaigns that already exist. The ML algorithm of Google studies location, history, behavior in order to figure out the appropriate audience for the products and the ones the campaigns should target the most. However, Google is planning to release this very ad campaign well-equipped with AI and ML for desktop versions of the Google browser too.

Now, Google is allowing all the developers to target their market not only through mobile Google browsers but also desktop browsers as well. The advertisements of applications presented on Google search will also have a link to the website of Google Play Store; however, the users will be able to download the app of their preference directly on the device they are using by just having a Google account. If you haven’t created a Google account, you must log on to “www.accounts.google.com.”

Furthermore, the app developers do not need to do awful to access desktop search app advertisement campaigns as they will automatically opt into the PC version of the Google browser Ad campaign.

Google is also planning to facilitate an in-app connection between the app developers and their audience, and that’s why the tech giant has also conjured up a new feature called “Google’s Analytics for Firebase SDK,” which will allow developers to include custom in-app events without employing any complicated codes into the application, making the entire procedure much more accessible and simplified.

Apart from the above-mentioned applications and toolsets, Google is also planning on releasing an ROI function and link validator which will configure deep linking in a more straightforward way. Deep linking is a very useful method of bringing users directly onto the landing page, however, the process is a little tricky for programmers, and it can be simplified by ROI and link validator.

It is Google’s arcane ability to figure out smart solutions to complicated problems that make them a big game player in the market, and this new move from Google, if implemented and marketed correctly, could further establish that the company also cares about anti-monopolistic sentiments.

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Source: https://selenanormandfreeblogs.wordpress.com/2021/06/01/google-is-set-to-enable-app-developers-to-promote-their-work-on-desktop-search/

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