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iPad Mobile Data Plan

There is nothing impossible in the technological domain, and if you want to achieve something, there is always a procedure for it. Now, if you intend to somehow transfer the cellular data package of the existing iPad device into your newly bought Apple iPads, then you may do so by adhering to the easy-to-understand instruction stated here. 

There are several reasons for buying a new iPad device, and you might be tempted to buy the new device called iPad Professional. Whatever the reason, if you have any intention of purchasing any brand-new iPad device, you should keep in mind that your purchasing option should depend on whether the selected option has the feature of switching the plan. If you are unable to switch your data package to another device, then the selected device may not be the right choice for you. You are in some luck because Apple always ensures that switching the data pack should always be easily attainable and convenient. And depending upon your preference of the SIM card you have currently injected into your existing iPad device, it is extremely possible to transfer your cellular data plan information into your newly purchased iPads. 

And regardless of the fact whether you are adopting an embedded SIM card or a nano-SIM card, a change of data pack from an existing iPad to a new iPad should not break your sweat. Given below instructions are here to guide you should you choose to switch your mobile information plan from one iPad device to another. You can bookmark this article so that you can return to it later when you have bought your device. 

Easy Process to Move your Cellular Data Pack from an Existing iPad to a Newly Purchased One.

Please keep in mind that the below-mentioned steps apply to almost all models of almost all sizes and iterations, including 9.7-inch model, 10.2-inch model, 10.5-inch model, or even 12.9 inches iPad professional. 

  • Take the mobile iPad that you newly purchased and proceed to open the Settings option. 
  • Select the option titled “Mobile Knowledge.” 
  • Select the service which you have employed in your existing iPad. 
  • Press the option called “Switch Service,” which you will be able to see in the window that will appear. 
  • Now, proceed to adhere to all the instructions specified by your service to conclude the final step of the data pack switch. The time the service takes to make the switch happen will entirely depend on the service that you are using currently. 

It can take some time; however, it is a one-time process, and once the switch happens, you can proceed to use your existing mobile information plan in your iPad device along with the new features. 

Easy Process to Switch Cellular Data Pack from One Device to Another Containing Different SIM Cards

Now, it may sound tricky, but there are easy solutions to this problem as well. Kindly review the following steps and follow them with iPads to see if they help you. 

  • Have both the existing iPad device and the new iPad device and flip it over. 
  • Go on and open the SIM tray in your existing iPad device employing the SIM elimination software. 
  • Remove the SIM tray and then proceed to carefully remove the SIM card from the SIM tray. 
  • Now, inject the SIM card of your preceding device into the newly purchased iPad device by placing it into the SIM tray. You can follow the same process if you want to make use of the new cellular SIM card of your new iPad into your old device. 
  • Initiate the activation process. The whole thing should not take more than two minutes to complete. 


It is an easy process to switch data packs, and the procedure stated illustrated how you can achieve this objective by following some convenient procedures. 

Visit: hulu.com/activate

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