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1 июня 2021 г. 14:19, США Смотреть на карте

Extremely Vulnerable in the Recent Cyberattack

Is firewall not good enough to save your computer nowadays? Well, it is needless to say that apart from the technology that we see around us, one other thing that is developing is the way cyber attackers go about their business. The antivirus we use does try to cope with them and introduce software updates from time to time, but sometimes they fall short in front of the nefarious ingenuity of the hackers.

One of the primary things that make Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) useful is its ability to disseminate large chunks of information into smaller bits and vice versa and catering to the demands of the consumers at a particular time. However, new research has put forward a conclusive study that flaws in billions of Wi-Fi devices that people use could allow cyber attackers to make firewalls look like a redundant tool and access devices remotely almost at will.

A recent study has sent out an alarming message that vulnerabilities in certain Wi-Fi networks could give cyberattackers a window of opportunity to install nefarious codes and instructions that might allow them to gain access to a certain device from a remote distance. Yes, even the encrypted Wi-Fi network has some vulnerabilities that would let hackers exploit them for their use.

Newly published research has proven that cyber attackers could use vulnerabilities of the Wi-Fi to hamper the devices connected to the compromised Wi-Fi networks and could use the network to make users login to unsecured websites and then, in turn, install programs containing nefarious codes.

A researcher named Mathy Vanhoef has discovered at least 12 flaws in either the Wi-Fi networks or the implementation of the network design that could pose a massive threat to the users. The researcher has called these threats “FragAttacks.” The reason to give such a name is the fact that the hackers could use frame aggregation or something called frame segmentation to achieve their purpose with this flaw. In layman’s terms, the flaw would enable the cyber attackers to install frames of their choice into the networks within the radio range even though these networks have been protected by WPA-based encryption for years.

However, the researcher has alluded to the fact that the impact of the cyber vulnerabilities might not be as straightforward as we think. Though “FragAttacks” are clever enough to input instruction into the Wi-Fi networks, these cannot be utilized to hack deep web sources, i.e., these vulnerabilities could not be used to hack an email or bank account or any social, because it cannot be used to eject confidential data such as passwords unlike something called “Krack,” did previously.

Mike Kershaw, a Wi-Fi security expert, has also weighed himself into the conversation and has said that even though the ramifications of “FragAttacks” might not be simple to identify, it is never a useful idea to let certain strangers install unknown codes into your Wi-Fi networks.

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Source: https://selenanormandfreeblogs.wordpress.com/2021/06/01/firewalls-have-been-found-to-be-extremely-vulnerable-in-the-recent-cyberattack/

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