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31 мая 2021 г. 17:26, США Смотреть на карте

Amazon Fake Reviews Scandal: Fake Reviews on Amazon

Vendors were buying fake reviews affecting regular customers.



Verifying thousands of reviews before we enter in any decision of buying products from particular brands is a regular activity. But who knew that out of everything going fake these days, the reviews on prestigious platforms can be dishonest.

It is pretty shocking given several companies were faking their reviews for the lists of products to categorize in the best sale on Amazon.

Although, we can say that we should have understood the art of trickery, as doubt must have crossed a lot of people’s minds. There are possibilities that certain products must have been returned; as a result, the product must have been disappointing. While surfing on the site, you must have noticed some of the products that seemed perfect on the visual presentation, but it turned out to be a low-quality product in reality.

As the new scam has been exposed about the data violation, it is reportedly said that more than 200,000 users are affected by this. The state of matter has taken quite a severe turn concerning cybersecurity and scandal. Following the incident of exposing paid workers sheltering under the name of ambassadors on social media, the online platforms have found their way back to the controversial act.

It is an example of what can happen in online marketplaces, as customers can easily be lured by the deception of fake reviews acted as a legitimate representative on Amazon. Recently, a report by Apple insider has revealed the details of the data breach and how it has affected customers and users. Security researchers at SafetyDetectives presented the details through a China-based server.

The act of filling fake reviews and testimonials in the Amazon review section for particular brands has been around for quite some time. The reviews of some products or brands are given on a higher level, making it pop up on the top of the suggestion, leading the customer to believe the high-end quality of the brand or product. And it is also verified according to the ‘User Rating’ filter.

How does the function of fake reviews were processed?

The real question occurs about how the whole act is committed. Amazon vendors follow the process by sending lists of products to the reviewers to get the highest rating. After receiving the lists, the reviewers purchase the recommended products and provide a high rating (5-star rating), which enhances the visibility of the product in the eyes of customers and always comes at the top of the lists.

Once the reviews are done, a message is delivered back to the vendor with the addition of the Amazon profile link and details of the PayPal, and later the reviewer is provided the refund for the purchased item along with the product. According to the reports, some of the reviewers get an extra reward in cash.

More than 13 million records were found in a database by the security researchers, and they were anchored without any password protection. The database also revealed vendors’ personal information about their Telegram phone numbers, Whatsapp info, and emails. On 1 March 2021, the operation was executed, and approximately 75,000 links to Amazon accounts, usernames, and details of PayPal account were caught compromised.

How it affects buyers?

The data violation affects the information on how customers receive the other end of the information. The recent expose of fake review scam had burdened the customers with worry on how to differentiate between legitimacy and forged information, whereas before, it was easy to evaluate certain products and brands. The idea of including forged reviews and ratings always existed in the marketplace, but the recent revelation has shown the seriousness of scam and how much it has spread. The report has described some clues to catch the fake reviews, including language with overly expressed emotions.

In addition, The information of scandal has reached beyond the measurement of fake vendors and reviews. Usually, users find themselves roaming around into the deception of vendors. Here are some of the examples that can be helpful to distinguish between the trickery of vendors, such as Vendors can trick you into giving fake reviews with more alluring language like ‘free product trials,’ and sometimes customers do get attracted by that.

And as a result, the customer ends up giving a fake review unintentionally, which has a consequence of a lawsuit. The number of compromised 200,000 accounts in the scam scheme is pretty huge, which shows how disastrous the security problem is. It might scare many potential users away from the site, as it has broken the trust of people with a vast number of deception profiles.

Visit: youtube.com/activate

Source: https://selenanormandfreeblogs.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/amazon-fake-reviews-scandal-is-your-favorite-brand-buying-fake-reviews-on-amazon/

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