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31 мая 2021 г. 17:23, США Смотреть на карте

Amazon Shuts Down its Quick Delivery App Prime Now

Amazon is globally shutting down its Prime Now app by claiming customers can get delivery windows via the regular app.

On Friday, Amazon stated that it will shut down its two-hour delivery platform approximately at the end of the year. With retiring the global running platform, Amazon is also giving another option of utilizing the regular application, and the service will be fast same as before. The Prime Now app with a quick delivery service was introduced seven years ago in the year 2014 with the website, which delivers last-minute services like groceries and other household things in one hour. It delivered heavy items like bottled water and canned goods, which was operated as a subscription service.

The act of shutting down Prime Now on a global level involves the agenda of folding the previous service into the main platform. Amazon says it is to provide a better customer experience within the Amazon App instead of a separate platform. This improvisation allows customers to experience intact effort by shopping on one convenient platform, which was mentioned in the blog post of Amazon.

Retiring the Prime Now services will fold new events of better customer experience, but the new feature might vary according to the different country. For now, the company has shut down services of Prime Now in Japan, Singapore, India, and the United States is next in the list. In addition to the recent suspension of Prime Now, Amazon also suspended Pantry last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked the delivery services. To solve the entire problem altogether, Amazon suspended all of them in 2021.

Amazon to restructure the Prime Now App as integrated part of its own service.

To give insight into how useful the Prime Now app is, as in 2014, the Prime Now services were introduced as a single mission: to deliver one hour and two hour delivery to consumers in specific markets. Prime Now services evolved with time and provided extra beneficial factors like customers can order laundry detergent, fresh fruits, bread, a six-pack of beer, and diapers. Depending on the customers’ living place, they also have a choice to purchase from Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, and selected items from Amazon. You just needed to ride on the Prime Now app and fill your virtual cart with items you want to purchase, and those items will be delivered to you within two hours.

Prime Now shows a 2.5-star rating with approximately 4,000 reviews, and not a good one.

We can not ignore the importance of the Prime Now app, and Amazon however did not plan to envision its future to a section of this standalone app. Amazon released a blog post in which Amazon’s Vice President of grocery ‘Stephanie Landry’ said that Amazon will be retiring the services of Prime Now and shift it into the regular Amazon app. The exact date has not been decided yet. Amazon’s Vice President of grocery only announced the elimination by the end of the year. The in-between time will provide customers’ to clear out the already stacked items in carts and shift to the Amazon app. However, it may be a little annoying for some people, but it can be proved as a positive change.

According to the reports of the blog post, Landry stated how Amazon wants Prime Now to convert into a more involved part of the Amazon experience instead of becoming the standalone object. In addition, for customers to buy non-grocery items, which were available on Prime Now, will provide a two-hour delivery process while viewing on Amazon.

Above everything, the Prime Now app lacked in some ways anyway. If you check the review, you will find that App Store will show a minimum 2.5-star rating, which also has almost 4,000 reviews written on it. There have been a lot of complaints from people like how the app freezes from time to time, acting as a prone to log out people from their account, and very bad item descriptions. By minimizing the pressure of its mess, Amazon will be addressing all the issues and will be improvising the transition.

Visit: amazon.com/mytv

Source: https://selenanormandfreeblogs.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/amazon-shuts-down-its-quick-delivery-app-prime-now/

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